Katherine Kotaw, Chief Storyteller at KOTAW Content Marketing

Bylines, Bygones and Blogs

It's a vain-glorious moment the first time you see your name -- and maybe your photo too -- at the top of a blog post.  Sure your company website doesn't have quite the prestige of The New York Times or a bestselling novel.  But as soon as you hit the "publish" button, you are an author, a professional writer. This status can bring you pleasure, pride and profit.  Or painful -- and expensive -- grief. Don't take your byline lightly.  The words that appear beneath your name affect your reputation.  They become an indelible part of your personal brand, which is separate from your corporate identity.  No matter what topic you write about -- pencils or pencil pushers, light bulbs or bulbous noses -- one subject remains a constant:  you. Every word you write makes a statement … READ MORE

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