Katherine Kotaw, Chief Storyteller at KOTAW Content Marketing

Bewitched & Bemused: It’s Still the Same Old Schmooze

"You're just like Darrin Stephens," my younger daughter said the other day. She spent much of her childhood enthralled with Dick York's version of the character on Bewitched, so she intended the comparison as a compliment. But I wasn't quite sure what she meant. I hadn't hosted a booze-fueled dinner party, written a corny advertising campaign slogan or been turned into a donkey by my mother-in-law. When I questioned her, my daughter pointed to the phone. Hello, Donald; Hiya, Fred In the past 2 months, I've spent more time with a phone pressed to my ear than in the previous 12 combined. And there was more money at stake than at any time in my career. One potential client shared an idea that he said would net KOTAW Content Marketing revenues of $1.8 billion a … READ MORE

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