A Pit Bull Hatches the Grass! Are You Tending Your Brand So It Will Grow?

Tend Your Brand So It Will Grow | KOTAW Content Marketing

Once upon a time, Ivy’s lawn was green and lush. Then one by one, each blade disappeared, and Ivy was left with a yard full of dirt, because of something called a California drought. So every time a dog or person passed by on the sidewalk, Ivy would RAH-RAH-ROO and run back and forth the length of her gate, kicking up dirt and creating a dust storm. Ivy thought this was silly, but she ended up very dirty and my daughters Bri and Kelsey … [Read more...]

A Wicked Witch and Brand Storytelling: 10 KOTAWesome Reasons to Travel With Family to the Land of Oz (and Business Success)

A Wicked Witch and Brand Storytelling: 10 KOTAWesome Reasons to Travel With Family to the Land of Oz (and Business Success) | KOTAW Content Marketing

I didn’t have to dance with a scarecrow, dry a lion’s tears or click my heels three times to know that there’s no place like home. For business. And business partnerships. When I first became a stay-at-home entrepreneur, I didn’t measure success in terms of profits but in the number of times I was able to cheer my daughters at school events, spend evenings watching old movies and new TV shows with them and embark on impromptu, … [Read more...]

Maisy Daisy and the Not-So Lazy Storyteller

"When I made peace with failure, happiness and success courted me. And I kissed both back." -- Katherine Kotaw, Chief Storyteller at KOTAW Content Marketing

Once upon a time I wrote a children’s book. And thrice (or more) upon a time, I ended dates early if the boy dared to plan an activity I didn’t like. I was good at writing, bad at dating. But both taught me a lot about success as a storyteller. I wrote my first children’s book when I was 16 in collaboration with an artist friend. I did some market research (asked two teachers to read the book to their children) and bought enough stamps to … [Read more...]

Here, Here! It’s the KOTAW Cheer! Rise to the Top of the Social Media Pyramid

Cheer your way to social media success | KOTAW Content Marketing

I was never a cheerleader, partly because I never learned how to do a cartwheel. But mostly, I was never a cheerleader because there was no way I was going to be on the sidelines of anything, much less a football field where all of the fun and glory were reserved for boys. And I was never much of a team player, partly because I always wanted to be captain of the team. But mostly, I was never a team player because I wasn’t good enough to play … [Read more...]

Don’t Brand Yourself a Telephone DumbBell: 12 Off-the-Hook Rules for Client Communication

How to rock relationship marketing in a tech-driven world | KOTAW Content Marketing

I break rules all the time – other people’s rules. I’m usually the zigger among the hordes of zaggers because, well, I’ve never wanted to get lost in the crowd. I usually hold fast, though, to the rules I make for myself or recommend to others. But I don’t follow them blindly, and I modify or toss them when appropriate. In the fall of 2013, when I’d recently been introduced to Paul Biedermann, we shared a lively exchange about email … [Read more...]