Bylines, Bygones and Blogs

4 questions to ask yourself before you start writing your next blog | KOTAW Content Marketing

It's a vain-glorious moment the first time you see your name -- and maybe your photo too -- at the top of a blog post. Sure your company website doesn't have quite the prestige of The New York Times or a bestselling novel. But as soon as you hit the "publish" button, you are an author, a professional writer. This status can bring you pleasure, pride and profit. Or painful -- and expensive -- grief. Don't take your byline lightly. The words … [Read more...]

Put Your Stories to the Sniff Test

Put Your Stories to the Sniff Test | KOTAW Content Marketing

When I lost my mother's recipe for butter tarts, I spent hundreds of hours over several years calling book publishers and bookshop owners, trolling the Internet and pestering bakers the world over to find it. And Christmas morning was never the same until I possessed the recipe again. Butter tarts, a Canadian pastry, contain very few ingredients. And most recipes read pretty much the same. But I didn't want any recipe. I wanted the recipe from … [Read more...]

Skate Your Story to Success

The secret to successful brand storytelling: passion. Discover why heartfelt, spirited storytelling sells better than the glitziest marketing campaign.

I couldn't think of a single thing to give KOTAW clients, friends and supporters this holiday season. So I came up with a dozen instead. The 12 Days of KOTAW is a collection of insights about some of my favorite topics -- storytelling, branding, social media, and pit bulls -- wrapped in anecdotes about my fondest yuletide memories. I'm sharing one "stocking stuffer" today and the next 11 weekdays. Then I'm putting them together -- with … [Read more...]

Who Stole the Content from the Cookie Jar?

Digital Brand Journalism and Content Curation Etiquette | KOTAW Content Marketing, Branding through Storytelling in Los Angeles

The first time I heard the term "content curation," I felt slightly nauseated. My writer's self-preservation instincts had kicked in, and my tummy was taking the beating. "People will just use 'content curation' as an excuse to steal other people's material," I said to anyone who would listen. Not many did. Content curation became not just a buzzword but an industry -- and a mandate to brands. And I was ready to admit (to my tiny … [Read more...]

Quotable Kotaw: Undercover Blogs and Mapping Success

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Sure, Holly Golightly can rock a kitty cat mask, but business bloggers can't pull off such get-ups. Get the whole story! Read Katherine Kotaw's article, "Why No One Wants Your Guest Posts (And How To Become A Welcomed Contributor)" Don't be hasty! Catching thieves (or successfully accomplishing any other objective) requires some thoughtful mapping out. Get the whole story! Read "KOTAW by the Numbers: First 20 Days…Paula Abdul, Nicki Minaj, … [Read more...]