Branding Magic and the Evolution of Kris Kringle Cookies

How your creative business can achieve branding magic | KOTAW Content Marketing

Cookies & Content Marketing: The 12 Cookies of KOTAW | Cookie 1: Kris Kringles Last year I penned The 12 Days of KOTAW, one of the most exhilarating – and exhausting – bodies of work I’ve undertaken. I took great pleasure in the overwhelming response to my collection of holiday stories, and I was tempted to share another dozen anecdotes this December. But I resisted. Because last year I spent so many days and nights (and … [Read more...]

I Love Lucy and (Finally) Appreciate Bruno Mars

Why I'm taking branding lessons from a poodle (and why smart entrepreneurs should, too!) | KOTAW Content Marketing

I’d jump off a roof for you Risk my life as proof to you I’d run away from home for you Howl, growl, whine and moan for you You know I’d do anything for you Bite a snake in the grass for you Bite your ex in the ass for you Yes, I would die for you, Mama But would you do the same? The answer, as it turned out, was yes. But like the lukewarm lover in "Grenade," I really tried to resist Lucy’s over-the-top efforts to woo me. She’d wake … [Read more...]

Free Pencils and Pricey Cashmere: Branding is Not in the Label

Why branding is so much more than labels | KOTAW Content Marketing

This year, for my Libra younger daughter’s birthday, Kelsey said she wanted to do all her birthday shopping as a family. That way, she said, she got to spend more time with her elder sister Bri – and me! (That oh-so clever rhyme was just in case any of my loyal readers happened to forget that my favorite writer is Dr. Seuss. But I digress!) Kelsey had already decided several years back that she wanted to be a participant in the baking of her … [Read more...]

You Can’t Brand Silence… Or Shut Up a Storyteller!

You Can't Brand Silence or Shut Up a Storyteller | KOTAW Content Marketing

Sometimes, one person has to be the voice of many. This line, directed to prominent journalist and domestic violence survivor Meredith, by her friend and confident Neal, in the Lifetime film, Run For Your Life, is probably my favorite. In a quaint coffee shop, Neal urges Meredith — still beaming in the afterglow of finally ridding herself of her abusive ex — to go public with her story, to write about her experience in the hope of inspiring … [Read more...]

Marlon, Myths, Mariska and Me: Branding Domestic Violence Abusers and Survivors

Marlon, Myths, Mariska and Me: Branding Domestic Violence Abusers and Survivors | Katherine Kotaw

Marlon Brando’s portrayal of an abusive husband in “A Streetcar Named Desire” was so powerful that, 60 years later, we refer to his choice of undergarment as a “wife beater” shirt. And that’s too bad. Because Stanley Kowalski is not the poster boy for violent spouses, nor is Kim Hunter’s cowering, forgiving Stella the face of battered wives. You don’t have to watch an old movie – or recently released videotape – to identify abusers and … [Read more...]