A Wicked Witch and Brand Storytelling: 10 KOTAWesome Reasons to Travel With Family to the Land of Oz (and Business Success)

A Wicked Witch and Brand Storytelling: 10 KOTAWesome Reasons to Travel With Family to the Land of Oz (and Business Success) | KOTAW Content Marketing

I didn’t have to dance with a scarecrow, dry a lion’s tears or click my heels three times to know that there’s no place like home. For business. And business partnerships. When I first became a stay-at-home entrepreneur, I didn’t measure success in terms of profits but in the number of times I was able to cheer my daughters at school events, spend evenings watching old movies and new TV shows with them and embark on impromptu, … [Read more...]

Sloths, Sex and Success: Get the Results You Really Want for Your Business Blog

5 No-Nonsense Ways to Spice Up Your Business Blog | KOTAW Content Marketing

A blog is as important to the health of your business as exercise and proper diet are to your personal wellbeing. But, if you're like a lot of business owners, you hate writing blog posts as much as sloths detest jogging and carnivores despise kale. So you slack off or give up. Then you feel bad about yourself and try again -- harder this time. And fail again, also harder. Like a yo-yo dieter, your feast-and-famine approach to blogging never … [Read more...]

Embrace the Unexpected: Success Beyond the To-Do List

Embrace the Unexpected: Entrepreneur Success Beyond the To-Do List | KOTAW Content Marketing

It was a night of unexpecteds. My daughters and I had planned on dropping off Ivy, our sweet red nose Pit Bull (and KOTAW’s Brand Ambassador!) at our neighbor Jose’s house (where she used to live, before she decided to live with my daughters and me instead!) so that she could spend the weekend with him and his son. We figured we’d drop her off, go out to dinner, then peruse the aisles of Target (and inevitably end up with a basket full of … [Read more...]

Green Eyes & Sham: Is Good Luck a Wee Bit O’ Irish Blarney?

In business and life, make your own luck | KOTAW Content Marketing

Porcelain skin, green eyes and rosy cheeks mark me as the Irish lass I am. I even speak with a bit of an Irish "r", despite a vocal coach's unsuccessful attempt to correct it. But looking and sounding like my ancestors from the Emerald Isle never satisfied me as a young child. What I wanted from my heritage was good fortune. Every St. Patrick's Day -- and many weeks and months in between -- I lamented that the luck o' the Irish never visited … [Read more...]

Ornamental Advice For Solid Business Success

Ornamental Advice for Solid Business Success | KOTAW Content Marketing

The first year when I was truly an adult -- career, house and a mortgage -- I asked my parents for a single Christmas present: tree ornaments. They gave me four boxes of brand new, plastic blue balls, and I was crestfallen. What I'd wanted -- what I'd asked for -- were some of the ornaments that had hung on the family tree every Christmas, a sample of the delicate Santas and painted reindeer that I'd admired every year. "Wait," my mother … [Read more...]