Ornamental Advice For Solid Business Success

Ornamental Advice for Solid Business Success | KOTAW Content Marketing

The first year when I was truly an adult -- career, house and a mortgage -- I asked my parents for a single Christmas present: tree ornaments. They gave me four boxes of brand new, plastic blue balls, and I was crestfallen. What I'd wanted -- what I'd asked for -- were some of the ornaments that had hung on the family tree every Christmas, a sample of the delicate Santas and painted reindeer that I'd admired every year. "Wait," my mother … [Read more...]

Move Over, Cesar Millan: Meet the Dog Borrower

Brand Building and Dog Borrowing: Business Inspiration for Entrepreneurs | KOTAW Content Marketing

Cesar Millan, whose TV show "Dog Whisperer" ran for 9 seasons, has dedicated his professional career to helping canines and humans communicate more effectively. I've spent mine helping people deliver their messages to other people. Mine is by far the more difficult task. But dogs make it easier. Which is why I've become the Dog Borrower. Although this blog may appeal more to people who love dogs than those who don't, it includes a vital … [Read more...]