Add Meaning to Your Brand Design with Visual Storytelling

Add Meaning to Your Brand Design with Visual Storytelling - KOTAW Content Marketing

If you strip your brand, strip it all away, what would you find? As a brand designer, I often ponder this question. It’s a complicated question and, in an effort to make it simpler, branding is commonly portrayed as a quantifiable thing that can be achieved so long as one completes a checklist of branding qualifications. Visual branding for example, requires a logo (check.) It also requires a consistent color palette and typography … [Read more...]

As Your Brand Evolves, Don’t Let Your Website Design Turn Into a Dinosaur

Why you should always keep your website design as fresh as your brand | KOTAW Content Marketing

Every few days, a company invites me to help them brand a “revolutionary product,” a “first-of-its-kind app” or a “life-changing service that will blow your mind.” I click on a link to the potential client’s website and, sure enough, I am blown away. Transported actually. I feel like I’m in Bedrock about to be kissed by Fred or Dino. At the very least, I feel like I should be tying my hair back with a scrunchie to keep it in place while … [Read more...]

To Make Your Logo (and Business) Sparkle, Reach for the Star

The story behind the visual brand identity of KOTAW Content Marketing

Every year at Christmas, when I struggle to put the tree topper in place and sigh with gleeful satisfaction after I succeed, I think of my lifelong quest to reach for -- and out to -- stars. Stars, we've all been told, are out of our grasp, as elusive as the brass ring on a carousel ride. Well, I've never tried to grab a brass ring so I don't know if the common wisdom about them is true. But I do know how to catch a star. And how to tell a … [Read more...]