Take a Fire-Breathing Dragon Approach to Scaring Away (and Attracting) Clients to Your Business

How entrepreneurs can attract ideal clients to their business | KOTAW Content Marketing

When I tell branding and content marketing colleagues that I reject more potential clients than I accept, most assume one of three things: I am independently wealthy. I married into money. I am crazy. I wish one of those were true. But I raised two daughters alone and the only thing crazy about me is the hours I worked to support us. What I discovered – the hard way, of course – is that bad clients are worse than no clients. … [Read more...]

Embrace the Unexpected: Success Beyond the To-Do List

Embrace the Unexpected: Entrepreneur Success Beyond the To-Do List | KOTAW Content Marketing

It was a night of unexpecteds. My daughters and I had planned on dropping off Ivy, our sweet red nose Pit Bull (and KOTAW’s Brand Ambassador!) at our neighbor Jose’s house (where she used to live, before she decided to live with my daughters and me instead!) so that she could spend the weekend with him and his son. We figured we’d drop her off, go out to dinner, then peruse the aisles of Target (and inevitably end up with a basket full of … [Read more...]

Busy Bees and Worker Ants

Hey there, busy bee! | Entrepreneur Inspiration | KOTAW Content Marketing

There's this quote that I often see in my Pinterest feed that I really like: "Stop the glorification of busy." The first time I saw this quote, I immediately pinned it to my "here, here" board, a candy grab-bag assortment of this-es and thats, things that make me want to stand up and passionately proclaim, here, here! People constantly going on and on about their busy, busy lives has always been a pet peeve of mine. Because we're all … [Read more...]