Polkadots & Personal Branding

Polka Dots and Personal Branding Tips | KOTAW Content Marketing

For me, any day that involves a polkadot is a good day. So when I get polkadots in my mailbox, I’m pretty much ecstatic. And when the polkadots are on a cape? Well that’s just another degree of giddy! So you can imagine my delight and surprise when I opened my KOTAW Content Marketing mailbox to find a polkadotted cape sent to me from two social media friends, Alisa Meredith and Kelly Kranz. Alisa and Kelly are the hosts of the … [Read more...]

A Pit Bull Hatches the Grass! Are You Tending Your Brand So It Will Grow?

Tend Your Brand So It Will Grow | KOTAW Content Marketing

Once upon a time, Ivy’s lawn was green and lush. Then one by one, each blade disappeared, and Ivy was left with a yard full of dirt, because of something called a California drought. So every time a dog or person passed by on the sidewalk, Ivy would RAH-RAH-ROO and run back and forth the length of her gate, kicking up dirt and creating a dust storm. Ivy thought this was silly, but she ended up very dirty and my daughters Bri and Kelsey … [Read more...]

Flowers for Pit Bulls & Social Good: Does Your Brand Story Make the World a Better Place?

Blooms and Brand Storytelling for a Better World | KOTAW Content Marketing

The concept was simple: Take a picture of your pet wearing a flower crown and post it to Instagram to help raise money for rescue animals. But like most of life’s true joys, it’s the simple things that often have the most impact. Which is why when I heard “Pit Bull Flower Power” combined with “a picture of your pet wearing a flower crown,” I didn’t think of Ivy, my sweet red nose Pit Bull — and KOTAW Content Marketing’s Brand Ambassador! — … [Read more...]

The Message in the Birdhouse Library: Say No to Social Media Pretense!

Say 'Hello' to Social Media Authenticity | KOTAW Content Marketing

It truly pains me to throw away books, but I am also without passion for collecting them. And too lazy to lug them to the local library. So I have boxes and boxes of gently used and sadly neglected novels sitting in my closet, garage and car. I was nearing the point of chucking them all -- conscience be damned! -- when I made a fantastic discovery at a nearby park -- a miniature library where you can drop off or pick up a book from what looks … [Read more...]

Evergreen Magic, Red and Pink Good Deed: Storytelling Must Always Have Heart

Avoid burnout and achieve evergreen business magic through heartfelt storytelling | KOTAW Content Marketing

It’s the third week of January and there is still a Christmas tree in my living room. Now before you laugh, roll your eyes or judge, let me tell you that it’s a tradition my daughters and I have — just as perennial a tradition as baking butter tarts for Christmas or watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas on Christmas Eve — to say goodbye to all the Christmas lights and ornaments and get the tree to the curb exactly on January 1st. It’s kind … [Read more...]