Good Things Happen in Threes

Vivien Leigh A Streetcar Named Desire

They say that bad things happen in threes. They also say third time’s the charm (implying that the first two incidences didn’t pan out so well). Why so negative?! Three has always been one of my favorite numbers, and I hope that yesterday’s events will help redeem three’s reputation among the general population. Yesterday, Like Blanche DuBois, I depended on the kindness of strangers for an extra jolt of optimism. While taking Ivy for a walk … [Read more...]

Dim Sum and Dimwits

Dim Sum and Dimwits | Katherine Off the Clock: Adventures of a Storyteller | KOTAW Content Marketing

Another late night working and wanted an easy dinner idea so that my daughters and I could get our weekly Dexter fix before it was so late that my mind was too tired to fully appreciate Michael C. Hall's charmingly unobtrusive wit. So I decided to call up my favorite local Chinese restaurant and order my usual takeout: steamed vegetable dumplings. No answer. Deciding that their phone must be on the fritz and determined to get my … [Read more...]

My Secrets to…

Storyteller and Pit Bull advocate, Katherine Kotaw, walks Pebbles in Los Angeles.

...Healthy eating:   I reward myself with a piece of chocolate for every carrot stick I eat -- and two for every stalk of broccoli. I eat A LOT of vegetables. ...Maintaining work-life balance:   I never put work I enjoy in the "work" category and avoid anything I don't like to do. ...Getting enough exercise: I walk misbehaved dogs. ...Feeling young: A sense of humor. Laugh lines age you less than frown crevices. … [Read more...]