Halloween is Over: Get Off Your Iff-ing Wish Stick!

Halloween is Over: Get Off Your Iff-ing Wish Stick! | A Lesson in Personal Branding -- KOTAW Content Marketing

Halloween gives us a free pass to be silly, weird, outrageous and terrifying – to adopt any image we want without harming our brand. For 24 hours – or a long weekend, if we’re lucky – we can peel off the carefully planned layers of our persona and pretend to be anyone or anything we want. Without consequence, we can be a monster, a pole dancer, a roll of toilet paper or a stick of gum. Or we can remain in our grown-up clothes and be a … [Read more...]

Popcorn, Predictions & Opinions: Personal Brand Musts!

Good Ideas Never Go Stale! Popcorn, Predictions & Opinions: Personal Brand Musts! | KOTAW Content Marketing

Moving my head in any direction triggered waves of pain and nausea. But it was the deadline -- OK, past the deadline -- for my monthly contribution to She Owns It. So, lying flat on my back, with my laptop carefully propped on my tummy and resting on bended knees, I tried to think of something clever, profound or at least mildly interesting to write about. I failed. Fortunately, my bouts with agonizing head/neck/back pain are rare. They're … [Read more...]

A Letter to a Pit: Put Your Social Media to the Pen Pal Test!

Social media is about making genuine connections -- Does your social media strategy pass the pen pal test?

Ivy received her very first letter! This weekend, I made the couple minute trip from my home to my KOTAW Content Marketing mailbox and my mouth quickly formed a smile as I saw an oversized rectangular envelope addressed not only to me, but to my Brand Ambassador too! I desperately wanted to open it right then and there, but since it was addressed to my sweet red nose pit bull as well as to me, I knew it wouldn’t be fair to open it without … [Read more...]

The Pit in the Hat, Fancy That! (And Happy B-Day, Dr. Seuss!)

A Personal Branding Parable and a Rainy Day Pit Bull Pajama Party | KOTAW Content Marketing | Pit Bulls and Personal Branding

On a (rare) rainy Los Angeles day, Ivy looked as glum as Sally and her nameless brother who looked longingly out the window at the downpour responsible for their confinement to the little red house in The Cat in the Hat. Yes, the sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, so Ivy sat in the house, all that cold, cold wet day…causing her much dismay! There’s no denying that Ivy, my sweet, sweet red nose pit bull, is a California girl. My … [Read more...]

Hearts & Heffalumps: A Personal Branding Valentine

How to use social media to create a lovable personal brand | KOTAW Content Marketing

I had just finished my bowl of Cheerios and was dabbing water on some milk I'd dripped on my navy jumper when I heard a scraping noise on our front porch. It was still dark out and we didn't get a morning newspaper. My 6-year-old brain raced with alarm: What was out there? A bear? A robber? A Heffalump escaped from the 100-acre woods? My dad had already left for work -- only the scent of his aftershave remained in the kitchen -- and my mom was … [Read more...]