A Button for Corduroy, A Home for a Pit

Ivy, Katherine Kotaw's sweet red nose Pit Bull and KOTAW's Brand Ambassador, with her Corduroy bear | KOTAW Content Marketing

Corduroy is one of my all-time favorite stories. The sweet tale of a green overall-clad department store bear -- overlooked by most shoppers due to his missing button and general shopworn appearance -- who eventually finds a loving home with an open-minded girl, has warmed my heart through countless readings many moons ago to my (now fully-grown) daughters. Last week, to my delight, I discovered my very own, real-life Corduroy. I was … [Read more...]

Jingle Your Way To Personal Branding Success

Jingle Your Way to Personal Branding Success | KOTAW Content Marketing

When people heard my father sing the first few chords of a song, they invariably urged him to step up to a microphone or onto a stage. Piano players promised him a career as their vocalist, directors guaranteed him leading roles in their musicals. Until he got to the second verse. My dad's great tenor voice never faltered -- it turned heads and lifted spirits with every note -- but my dad couldn't sing more than a few lines of any song before … [Read more...]

Break Free From Your Personal Branding Corset

Toss the corset and outdated thinking to find a personal branding strategy that fits | KOTAW Content Marketing

When watching Mr. Rogers and Barney with my daughters became more than I could bear (I lasted a dozen episodes in the cardigan-clad gentleman's "Neighborhood" and 10 minutes with the purple dinosaur's "Friends"), I introduced them to movie musicals. We danced on imaginary rooftops with Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, swung suitcases confidently with Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" with Judy … [Read more...]

Ol’ Blue Eyes Branding and Giving Thanks My Way

Ol' Blue Eyes Branding: Do Your Brand, YOUR Way | KOTAW Content Marketing

I never appreciated the sex appeal of Frank Sinatra. The swagger and cool detachment that helped define his personal brand left me tepid at best. But I fell in love with the soulfulness of his signature songs such as "It Was a Very Good Year" and "New York, New York." And I always find myself humming -- or belting -- "My Way" as Thanksgiving approaches. It's a holiday I reinvented for my family at the same time I was newly imagining my … [Read more...]

Horton Hears a HOA!

Writer Katherine Kotaw story of KOTAW Content Marketing after overcoming domestic violence

Horton is my favorite Dr. Seuss character. His big ears – and bigger heart – heard voices that no one else did. He was a child’s best friend – someone who listened. On Nov. 20, I was greeted by a storyteller's best friend -- an audience of Hortons, who listened to my tales despite audio and visual glitches that could have sent everyone scrambling for the mute and stop buttons on their computers. An amazing audience embraced the … [Read more...]