Nostalgia Marketing and a Midnight Birthday Surprise!

Nostalgia Marketing and a Midnight Birthday Surprise - KOTAW Content Marketing

Just after midnight — so officially my birthday, December 27th — my sister Kelsey exclaimed with glee, “Oh, you have something you can open NOW!” My mom had gone to our P.O. box that evening to pick up our mail, knowing Kelsey had birthday gifts for me waiting there, and had put all the mail in a bag on her bed, telling me not to peak. But now I could peak, as Kelsey had just discovered a surprise that didn’t have to wait until my birthday … [Read more...]

Don’t Brand Yourself a Telephone DumbBell: 12 Off-the-Hook Rules for Client Communication

How to rock relationship marketing in a tech-driven world | KOTAW Content Marketing

I break rules all the time – other people’s rules. I’m usually the zigger among the hordes of zaggers because, well, I’ve never wanted to get lost in the crowd. I usually hold fast, though, to the rules I make for myself or recommend to others. But I don’t follow them blindly, and I modify or toss them when appropriate. In the fall of 2013, when I’d recently been introduced to Paul Biedermann, we shared a lively exchange about email … [Read more...]

Bewitched & Bemused: It’s Still the Same Old Schmooze

Perfect the art of the schmooze: How to rock relationship marketing in order to grow your business | KOTAW Content Marketing

"You're just like Darrin Stephens," my younger daughter said the other day. She spent much of her childhood enthralled with Dick York's version of the character on Bewitched, so she intended the comparison as a compliment. But I wasn't quite sure what she meant. I hadn't hosted a booze-fueled dinner party, written a corny advertising campaign slogan or been turned into a donkey by my mother-in-law. When I questioned her, my daughter … [Read more...]

Cutting-Edge Sales Techniques: Brand Me Un-Sold!

Cutting Edge Sales Tactics? Brand Me Un-Sold! | KOTAW Content Marketing

Late last week, during a rushed, midday grocery-shopping trip, I heard the manager announce a "free gift to everyone in the store!" I knew there'd be a catch, was certain I'd be asked to fork over time, money or both before claiming my gift. But it had been a particularly exasperating day, one in which my patience had been punished and my talent unrewarded, so the thought of getting something -- anything -- for nothing tempted me. Besides, … [Read more...]