How to Use Twitter to Tell Your Brand’s Story: The Digital Portfolio Method!

How to tell your brand story on Twitter | KOTAW Content Marketing

Twitter is arguably the “easiest” social media platform to use. You only have to come up with (at most) 140 characters — and you don’t really even have to do that. You can click “retweet” in a second of your time and absolutely zero thought. You can look at what the so-called “influencers” are sharing and mindlessly reshare everything they share without ever reading a single word in the articles your tweets say you endorse. You don’t even … [Read more...]

Stand Out on Social Media and Get Thanky For Brand Storytelling Magic!

Build a strong brand story and enjoy the magic that follows | KOTAW Content Marketing

There is a heightened sense of magic and wonder in the KOTAW Girl Gang household. There is a sparkle in our Pit Bull Brand Ambassador Ivy’s eyes that glistens even more so than usual and, when my daughters and I try to match Ivy’s glance to see what she is seeing, we know for certain that she must be staring at a beautiful unicorn from another pittie-pie dimension! When I look at my daughters — and KOTAW business partners! —Bri and Kelsey, I … [Read more...]

Behind the Social Media Marketing Tapestry: It’s a House of Mirth

Ready to step out from behind the social media marketing tapestry? Stand out on social media with stellar brand storytelling | KOTAW Content Marketing

Facebook is the quickest way to lose respect for people you otherwise thought were decent human beings. If you’d asked me what I thought of that particular social platform (or social media in general) before my mom and sister and I started KOTAW Content Marketing just over two years ago, that’s what I would have said. Of course now I’d say that Facebook is one of the best platforms for telling your brand’s story. So what changed my … [Read more...]

Here, Here! It’s the KOTAW Cheer! Rise to the Top of the Social Media Pyramid

Cheer your way to social media success | KOTAW Content Marketing

I was never a cheerleader, partly because I never learned how to do a cartwheel. But mostly, I was never a cheerleader because there was no way I was going to be on the sidelines of anything, much less a football field where all of the fun and glory were reserved for boys. And I was never much of a team player, partly because I always wanted to be captain of the team. But mostly, I was never a team player because I wasn’t good enough to play … [Read more...]

The Message in the Birdhouse Library: Say No to Social Media Pretense!

Say 'Hello' to Social Media Authenticity | KOTAW Content Marketing

It truly pains me to throw away books, but I am also without passion for collecting them. And too lazy to lug them to the local library. So I have boxes and boxes of gently used and sadly neglected novels sitting in my closet, garage and car. I was nearing the point of chucking them all -- conscience be damned! -- when I made a fantastic discovery at a nearby park -- a miniature library where you can drop off or pick up a book from what looks … [Read more...]