Rebekah Radice: Christmas (or Lou Grant) in July

Dazzling Ways to Make Golden Business Connections on Social Media | KOTAW Content Marketing

When Mary Richards was forced to spend her first Christmas Eve in Minneapolis working alone at WJM-TV, she was sad that she couldn't spend the holiday with her parents. But her boss and coworkers surprised Mary shortly before midnight, cheering her lonely spirit and redefining family for the millions who watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show when it first aired in 1970 or in the four decades since. Social media can feel a lot like a deserted … [Read more...]

Ol’ Blue Eyes Branding and Giving Thanks My Way

Ol' Blue Eyes Branding: Do Your Brand, YOUR Way | KOTAW Content Marketing

I never appreciated the sex appeal of Frank Sinatra. The swagger and cool detachment that helped define his personal brand left me tepid at best. But I fell in love with the soulfulness of his signature songs such as "It Was a Very Good Year" and "New York, New York." And I always find myself humming -- or belting -- "My Way" as Thanksgiving approaches. It's a holiday I reinvented for my family at the same time I was newly imagining my … [Read more...]

Google Endorsements: Bad for Branding?

Google Endorsements and Branding | KOTAW Content Marketing

Celebrities and athletes make millions and sometimes hundreds of millions endorsing products for brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Coca Cola and Polaroid. Beginning November 11, 2013, you can have your own endorsement deal with Google, but you won't get paid for it. Changes to Google Terms of Service permit the search engine giant to include your name and photo in advertisements. If you've ever written a review of your local print shop or +1’d a … [Read more...]

Ultimate Punishment or Ultimate Opportunity? Social Media Marketing Case Study

Ultimate Punishment or Ultimate Opportunity? A Social Media Marketing Case Study | KOTAW Content Marketing

In 30 days, my team at KOTAW Content Marketing increased a new client's Twitter following by 500%, achieved engagement with 41.7% of her followers and converted 1 in 5 of them into shoppers who spent nearly $10,000 at her online kitchen gadget store. The client had made $0 from Twitter conversions the month before, according to Google Analytics. And it's unlikely she ever earned money from Twitter traffic before we took over her social media … [Read more...]

Real Ads and Fake Conversation: A Mass Marketing Gift

Digital Marketing: How to Engage Your Audience on Social Media | KOTAW Content Marketing

When I read recently about software that lets mobile users talk to ads, my first thought was, "People don't talk to each other anymore -- why would they want to chat with Frito Lay or Pizza Hut on their mobile phones?” My second thought was, "What a genius idea." It's precisely because normal conversation is dying that the birth of a new way of communicating makes sense. Even if the chat-with-an-ad session is as mundane as … [Read more...]