Fruity Cereal and Loopy Ideas: Why Social Media Can Endanger Your Brand

How to charm on social media | KOTAW Content Marketing

Trix are for kids. And Twitter is for twits. If my father were still alive, that's what he would have said. Maybe he'd have skipped the part about the fruity cereal -- he didn't allow my brother and me to eat Trix -- but he definitely would have chimed in with a derisive comment about CEOs who banked on 140-character communications for their business success. I would have argued with him and he would have called me a twit. It was one of … [Read more...]

KOTAW by the Numbers: First 20 Days…Paula Abdul, Nicki Minaj, Ricky Gervais and, more important, you

Social media marketing strategy and attracting the right followers | KOTAW Content Marketing

Numbers don't lie. But they only tell part of the story. This is what I've always told clients -- particularly when they were unhappy about the numbers I delivered to them. But it's true. Good numbers are not necessarily good and bad numbers are not always bad. It's the story behind the numbers that count. This is why, when I launched KOTAW Content Marketing 20 days ago, I decided to teach what I preach about the value of meaningful … [Read more...]

Cows are Smarter than CEOs: The Scorching Truth About Branding

The branding iron is hot (and inescapable!) | KOTAW Content Marketing

Cows rarely get noticed for their intelligence -- and there's not a single Hereford listed on a Mensa roster. But cattle are smarter than business owners in at least one key respect: they know that a branding iron is hot. And they run like hell when they see a wrangler wielding one. But CEOs in ever-growing numbers are begging to be branded -- and, thanks to sloppy marketing, they're getting their reputations burnt rather than burnished in … [Read more...]