Storytelling Celibacy: The Kiss of Death for Your Brand

Why there is no happily-ever-after in brand storytelling | KOTAW Content Marketing

Imagine experiencing sex for the first time, discovering that it was better than your wildest fantasies and deciding to never have sex again. Imagine enjoying fantastic success with your business and opting to never repeat it. One of those scenarios requires no imagination. Far too often, CEOs realize mind-blowing success and then turn into acetic monks who renounce the best success they ever had. And what kind of success are they … [Read more...]

Edict of a Storyteller: Don’t Let Anyone Write Your Endings!

Storyteller's Edict: Don't Let Anyone Write Your Story's Ending | KOTAW Content Marketing

I never write anything – fact or fiction, short paragraph or full-length manuscript – until I determine what I will say in the last sentence. Nothing is more important than the end of a story, and few things in life upset me more than people or events that try to rewrite my final words. Which is why my disposition, usually sunnier than the southern California skies, turned cloudy in recent weeks. Problems – from glitch to crisis – rained down … [Read more...]

Evergreen Magic, Red and Pink Good Deed: Storytelling Must Always Have Heart

Avoid burnout and achieve evergreen business magic through heartfelt storytelling | KOTAW Content Marketing

It’s the third week of January and there is still a Christmas tree in my living room. Now before you laugh, roll your eyes or judge, let me tell you that it’s a tradition my daughters and I have — just as perennial a tradition as baking butter tarts for Christmas or watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas on Christmas Eve — to say goodbye to all the Christmas lights and ornaments and get the tree to the curb exactly on January 1st. It’s kind … [Read more...]

Non-Cookie Cookies: A Storyteller’s Unbaked Secrets

The secret to sweet storytelling success | KOTAW Content Marketing

Cookies & Content Marketing: The 12 Cookies of KOTAW | (Non-Cookie) Cookies 9, 10, 11 & 12 (Pucker-Up Lemon Loaf, Giddy Goat Cheesecake, Exploding Cranberries Bread and Teddy Bear Popovers) Boredom is my worst enemy – and best friend. It stalls my writing and motivates some of my best work. Because I find it painstakingly difficult, if not downright impossible to finish dull tasks. No one cleans half a closet better than I do. The … [Read more...]

Saving Tinkerbell, Finding Paradise and Applauding Survivors of Domestic Violence

Saving Tinkerbell, Finding Paradise and Applauding Survivors of Domestic Violence | Katherine Kotaw, her daughters and their sweet red nose Pit Bull, Ivy, enjoy a magical day at the beach, proving that domestic violence survivors can find bliss and THRIVE!

I left my marriage because I feared for my sanity and soul. It was the psychological torture, the systematic pummeling of my spirit that I most needed to escape. I never anticipated the mortal physical danger I would face, but knowing would not have deterred me. I had become Tinkerbell, fading fast and desperate for someone to clap his hands and say he believed in me. A few people applauded at just the right time. They helped revive my … [Read more...]