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Storytelling marketing team with Mary Tyler Moore-esque spunk! | KOTAW Content Marketing in Los Angeles

At KOTAW, we’re Mary Tyler Moore-loving brand storytellers with spunk!


-Paul Biedermann, Creative Director & Owner of re:DESIGN | Graphic Communicator & Visual Content Strategist | Top 100 Influencers in Social Media (Social Technology Review) 

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We know you’re unique — we are too! That’s why we don’t offer a fixed-price menu of services. We create digital marketing strategies that align with your particular niche, audience, needs and goals.

We will show you why some elements of content marketing are essential: your business cannot survive without comprehensive brand storytelling and social media marketing strategies — but we won’t sell you any service you don’t need.

Not every CEO needs to become a video superstar and few small businesses need to invest in expensive marketing software. But every small and medium business owner must embrace content marketing at some level. The days of relying on SEO and PPC to succeed are over.

Content marketing is not a shiny new toy. Brand reputation and customer engagement are not marketing catchphrases. They are the new necessities of business life.

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