Macarons in Paris (at Midnight)

The delivery of Midnight in Paris to my mailbox from Netflix over the weekend inspired a mini Parisian theme night at my home.

Everyone knows it’s a crime not to overindulge in chocolaty, sugary goodness whilst watching Gene Wilder frolic around with the Oompa Loopas, so I applied this logic when determining that we simply could not take a cinematic adventure to Paris without munching on macarons throughout.

Give website visitors eye candy -- or cookie -- and they'll pay a premium for your services | KOTAW Content MarketingWhat a perfect excuse to visit Bottega Louie, I thought!

Located on the ground floor of the historic Brockman Building in downtown LA, Bottega Louie is a gourmet restaurant and patisserie that is perhaps best known for its divinely decadent assortment of macarons. The fashionable emporium boasts a dreamy, old-world pastry counter enrobed in the candy-colored French confections.

That afternoon, I brought home the prettiest tissue-lined, ribbon-wrapped box of macarons and my daughters and I spent the evening treating ourselves to the chocolate ganache-filled, buttercream-stuffed, Tahitian vanilla-infused bites of heaven. And oh yeah, the movie was pretty good too :)

Back on the Clock

People buy with their eyes. Macarons wouldn’t fetch such a high price — or such a following — if the cookies weren’t as pretty as they are delicious. And about 1 in 2 people judge the credibility of your company based on the visual impact of your website. Give website visitors eye candy — or cookie — and they’ll pay a premium for your services.

Speaking of aesthetics and scrumptious sweets, did you know that the design work of creative visual director and KOTAW collaborator, Toni Bullo, includes graphic art for Ferrero Rocher, Lindt chocolate and Bauli? Does your website need a makeover? Contact us or ask questions below! 


  1. Alana N. says:

    Oooh those macarons are SO GORGEOUS!!! What a wonderful idea for a theme night! Thanks for the inspiration, Ms. Kotaw!

    • Katherine Kotaw says:

      You’re very welcome, Alana. But, be warned: macarons can be addicting. And they’re not dieter-friendly. But fun and they turned an ordinary movie night into a celebration. And I’m always looking for reasons to celebrate — macarons make it easy. Thanks for writing. Hope to see you in the comments section again soon.

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  3. Trisha says:

    I love Bottega Louie! My fave macarons are the violet cassis and the pistachio. And omg have you tried their kiwi sorbet? It’s amazing! Any recommendations?

    • Katherine Kotaw says:

      Trisha, you obviously are the expert on Bottega Louie! I haven’t tried their sorbet, but I will. I can’t eat ice cream, so I’m always looking for new sorbets to try.

  4. […] I for one plan to have overcome this flu and channeled my inner Mary Poppins to clear up the pine needles — and tree — just in time for Valentine’s Day, when my daughters and I will reignite the magic by making lots of pretty-pink macarons. […]

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