Dim Sum and Dimwits

Dim Sum and Dimwits | Katherine Off the Clock: Adventures of a Storyteller | KOTAW Content Marketing

Another late night working and wanted an easy dinner idea so that my daughters and I could get our weekly Dexter fix before it was so late that my mind was too tired to fully appreciate Michael C. Hall's charmingly unobtrusive wit. So I decided to call up my favorite local Chinese restaurant and order my usual takeout: steamed vegetable dumplings. No answer. Deciding that their phone must be on the fritz and determined to get my … [Read more...]

My Secrets to…

Storyteller and Pit Bull advocate, Katherine Kotaw, walks Pebbles in Los Angeles.

...Healthy eating:   I reward myself with a piece of chocolate for every carrot stick I eat -- and two for every stalk of broccoli. I eat A LOT of vegetables. ...Maintaining work-life balance:   I never put work I enjoy in the "work" category and avoid anything I don't like to do. ...Getting enough exercise: I walk misbehaved dogs. ...Feeling young: A sense of humor. Laugh lines age you less than frown crevices. … [Read more...]