Labor Day Fun! Dizzy Film and Delish Food

Labor Day Fun! Dizzy Film and Delish Food | KOTAW Content Marketing

Happy Labor Day! Any entrepreneur starting a new business knows that it is nearly impossible to tear yourself away from work. But, in keeping with the spirit of the holiday, I did manage to indulge in a tad bit of R&R this weekend -- I'm highly pro-labor that way :) ha! My daughters and I watched one of my all-time favorite classic movies, Vertigo. Hitchcock's iconic film is proof that a good story well-executed is absolutely timeless. … [Read more...]

Content Marketing: A Love Song to Your Clients

Content Marketing: A Love Song to Your Clients | KOTAW Content Marketing

The feel-good rhythm of a rock and roll love song -- and a great story -- has staying power. It's why I wrote this article in June -- the week KOTAW Content Marketing officially launched -- for an online business magazine. And it's why I'm posting it here today as KOTAW celebrates its first three months as an international marketing agency. I like the story today as much as the day I wrote it. I'm grateful for the opportunities it launched, … [Read more...]

Quotable Kotaw: Who Needs Vacation?

Bridget Bardot with Deer

Doe, a deer... and ocean adventures at dawn and afternoon mountain hikes and decadent desserts and -- Get the whole story! Read Katherine Kotaw's exclusive Forbes Q&A. Find out what's on Katherine's mind, what brings her joy, what she's currently obsessed with and lots lots more! No matter how much we love our work, there are moments when we all get overwhelmed and a little (or a lot) stressed. What simple, daily rituals do you have that … [Read more...]

Branding a Storyteller: Horse Talk and Common Sense

Katherine Kotaw filming her Content Marketing Institute video with her Pit Bull, Ivy | KOTAW Content Marketing

You know you've lived in Hollywood too long when a three-minute bio takes four days to produce -- and crew members start asking if they're going to get IMDb credits for producing, directing and editing the clip. I could be wrong, but I can't imagine a university instructor in Detroit or Des Moines getting up at 3:30 a.m. to prepare for a sunrise shoot, cajoling a horse into cooperation for a sunset scene or filming 20 takes of a 4-word … [Read more...]

Storytelling: ‘In The Can!’

Katherine Kotaw films course on storytelling for the Content Marketing Institute

Three locations, several wardrobe changes, and about half a dozen iced tea refills later, production wrapped on my introduction video for the digital course I'm going to teach for the Content Marketing Institute. My course for CMI is centered on the topic of the art of storytelling -- and storyselling. Details on the CMI university courses are expected to be released at the Content Marketing Institute-produced event, Content Marketing World … [Read more...]