KOTAW by the Numbers: First 20 Days…Paula Abdul, Nicki Minaj, Ricky Gervais and, more important, you

Social media marketing strategy and attracting the right followers | KOTAW Content Marketing

Numbers don't lie. But they only tell part of the story. This is what I've always told clients -- particularly when they were unhappy about the numbers I delivered to them. But it's true. Good numbers are not necessarily good and bad numbers are not always bad. It's the story behind the numbers that count. This is why, when I launched KOTAW Content Marketing 20 days ago, I decided to teach what I preach about the value of meaningful … [Read more...]

Move Over, Cesar Millan: Meet the Dog Borrower

Brand Building and Dog Borrowing: Business Inspiration for Entrepreneurs | KOTAW Content Marketing

Cesar Millan, whose TV show "Dog Whisperer" ran for 9 seasons, has dedicated his professional career to helping canines and humans communicate more effectively. I've spent mine helping people deliver their messages to other people. Mine is by far the more difficult task. But dogs make it easier. Which is why I've become the Dog Borrower. Although this blog may appeal more to people who love dogs than those who don't, it includes a vital … [Read more...]

Why No One Wants Your Guest Posts (And How To Become A Welcomed Contributor)

How to become a welcomed guest post contributor to your favorite blogs | KOTAW Content Marketing, Storytelling in Los Angeles

You wag your tail or snarl at website hosts, begging -- or demanding -- that they publish your great (or pretty good) guest posts. But you're still getting rejected or just plain ignored. You feel like the least-loved dog in the Internet marketing pound. Before you euthanize your GP outreach, find out what you're doing wrong and how to find a happy home for your content. There's an art to pitching your guest posts and articles, but there's … [Read more...]

Glass Slippers and Hiking Boots: What Our Branding Footprints Reveal

Glass Slippers and Hiking Boots: What Our Branding Footprints Reveal | KOTAW Content Marketing

Branding is like fitting someone with a glass slipper. The ideal client slips into it as easily as Cinderella. The worst is an impossibly tight squeeze, his expectations as oversized as Drizella's enormous foot. Most clients are neither beautiful princesses nor ugly stepsisters -- they just need some polishing before they're ready for the ball. Successful branding balances perception and reality. Few of us are -- or need to be -- picture … [Read more...]

SEO: Grow Up Or Go Away

Writing excellent content is the best SEO strategy | KOTAW Content Marketing

Google knows best. And SEO experts need to accept this and learn from the patriarch of search engines instead of throwing tantrums like spoiled two-year-olds. Internet marketing is not a child's game, but a $100 billion-plus-a-year industry. SEO geeks outsmarted Google algorithms for nearly a decade, but they shouldn't count on fooling them again. They need to adapt -- rapidly -- before their antiquated link building strategies make their … [Read more...]