Glass Slippers and Hiking Boots: What Our Branding Footprints Reveal

Glass Slippers and Hiking Boots: What Our Branding Footprints Reveal | KOTAW Content Marketing

Branding is like fitting someone with a glass slipper. The ideal client slips into it as easily as Cinderella. The worst is an impossibly tight squeeze, his expectations as oversized as Drizella's enormous foot. Most clients are neither beautiful princesses nor ugly stepsisters -- they just need some polishing before they're ready for the ball. Successful branding balances perception and reality. Few of us are -- or need to be -- picture … [Read more...]

SEO: Grow Up Or Go Away

Writing excellent content is the best SEO strategy | KOTAW Content Marketing

Google knows best. And SEO experts need to accept this and learn from the patriarch of search engines instead of throwing tantrums like spoiled two-year-olds. Internet marketing is not a child's game, but a $100 billion-plus-a-year industry. SEO geeks outsmarted Google algorithms for nearly a decade, but they shouldn't count on fooling them again. They need to adapt -- rapidly -- before their antiquated link building strategies make their … [Read more...]

Cows are Smarter than CEOs: The Scorching Truth About Branding

The branding iron is hot (and inescapable!) | KOTAW Content Marketing

Cows rarely get noticed for their intelligence -- and there's not a single Hereford listed on a Mensa roster. But cattle are smarter than business owners in at least one key respect: they know that a branding iron is hot. And they run like hell when they see a wrangler wielding one. But CEOs in ever-growing numbers are begging to be branded -- and, thanks to sloppy marketing, they're getting their reputations burnt rather than burnished in … [Read more...]