SEO: Grow Up Or Go Away

Writing excellent content is the best SEO strategy | KOTAW Content Marketing

Google knows best. And SEO experts need to accept this and learn from the patriarch of search engines instead of throwing tantrums like spoiled two-year-olds. Internet marketing is not a child's game, but a $100 billion-plus-a-year industry. SEO geeks outsmarted Google algorithms for nearly a decade, but they shouldn't count on fooling them again. They need to adapt -- rapidly -- before their antiquated link building strategies make their … [Read more...]

Cows are Smarter than CEOs: The Scorching Truth About Branding

The branding iron is hot (and inescapable!) | KOTAW Content Marketing

Cows rarely get noticed for their intelligence -- and there's not a single Hereford listed on a Mensa roster. But cattle are smarter than business owners in at least one key respect: they know that a branding iron is hot. And they run like hell when they see a wrangler wielding one. But CEOs in ever-growing numbers are begging to be branded -- and, thanks to sloppy marketing, they're getting their reputations burnt rather than burnished in … [Read more...]