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Writer Katherine Kotaw's storytelling and branding credits - KOTAW Content MarketingKatherine Kotaw knew from the time she read her first Dr. Seuss book that she was going to become a writer. She didn’t think she’d ever become a marketer. But, by age 10, she’d become both.

Rejected by the Detroit News for being too young to write for the newspaper, she repositioned herself as a “young adult” when she submitted a story to Reader’s Digest. The magazine bought the marketing strategy and the story, a dumb joke Katherine had been too shy to share with her peers.

She’s been telling and selling stories ever since.

Katherine’s storytelling expertise earned her gigs with Fortune 500 and globally recognized brands such as KPMG, Lifetime, HarperCollins, Penguin and NPR. Katherine has helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations build their brands and garner the attention they deserve, including features on E! Network and ABC News and in publications such as Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping and Shape Magazine.

Some notable accomplishments include:

Katherine Kotaw’s “brave,” “honest,” “scary as hell” “story of triumph” inspired the Lifetime original movie, Run For Your Life, starring Amy Smart (Shameless, Showtime.)

The adaptation of Quicksand from page to screen was made possible thanks to support from Gemini Awards-nominated veteran producer, Anne Carlucci, as well as the NO MORE initiative and the Joyful Heart Foundation, particularly the organization’s President and Founder, Mariska Hargitay (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.) The NO MORE PSA Campaign, lead by the Joyful Heart Foundation in collaboration with NO MORE and directed by actress and advocate, Mariska Hargitay, partnered with Lifetime in order to premiere Run For Your Life in October 2014 in support of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Since then, Run for Your Life has aired more than 20 times in the US alone (the film also plays in Asia, Spain, Italy, the UK, Turkey, Australia and Canada) and has made Crushable’s list of BEST Lifetime movies.

Katherine Kotaw’s second book, a business parable published by Penguin, earned her New York Times bestselling author status. The humorous tale, also written under a nom de plume, was named to the New York Times Best Sellers List – Hardcover Business Books.

During her career as a journalist, Katherine Kotaw’s human interest, story-driven coverage of the Olympics was featured in The Washington Post.

Amy Smart, who plays Katherine Kotaw (left) in the Lifetime movie adaptation of Quicksand, shares her inspiring message at Studio One Eighty Nine + Shine On Sierra Leone Fundraiser | Photo Credit: Christine Chang


Content Marketing: Katherine is an instructor for the Content Marketing Institute and is proud to participate in the recently launched CMI Online Training and Certification program, the content marketing industry’s premier online education program.

Brand Journalism: Helped launch Worldbusiness magazine, the flagship publication of KPMG, one of the Big Four audit firms.

Personal Branding: Katherine’s work on personal branding was handpicked by the editorial team at the Content Marketing Institute to appear on the CMI blog for a feature called “Best Content Marketing Blog Posts by Influential Content Marketers.”

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Nominated for the 2015 Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs, the largest annual competition for social media blogs.

Storytelling: Katherine made her NPR debut in 2015, discussing the art of storytelling on-air. Katherine credits her gift for storytelling and her mom’s recipe for butter tarts with the opportunity to appear as a guest on NPR’s Heirloom Meals with Carole Murko.

Brand Coaching: Katherine’s Content Marketing Institute course, “Living the Fairy Tale: How to Think Like a Storyteller,” coaches individuals and corporations how to tell — and sell — their brand story.

White Papers: Katherine regularly contributes white papers to PR Newswire, the oldest and largest press release distribution company in the U.S.


Katherine is planning a follow-up memoir to Quicksand. Currently titled Thank You, Evil, the book examines the happily-ever-after story of reinvention.

Katherine is thrilled to announce that she is currently working on her first in a series of novels.

In her spare time (ha!) Katherine is also writing and illustrating a dog story for children. Stay tuned!

Share your story with Katherine now. She will find a way to tell — and sell — it to your target audience.