Pit Bulls & Personal Branding

The KOTAW Girl Gang is rebranding Pit Bulls one story, one pittie wiggle at a time ♥

We rarely get through 45 seconds of conversation with a stranger before mentioning our adopted dog Ivy. Small talk just isn’t quite scintillating enough unless it involves an anecdote or two about our favorite wiggly-hipped friend (yes, Ivy wiggles her hips when she’s happy and yes, it IS the cutest thing ever!)

But as soon as we mention Ivy, we will inevitably be asked what kind of dog she is. And every time we hear that question, our pulses quicken as our hearts prepare to sink. We smile and say that Ivy is a red nose Pit Bull with so much love and joy in our hearts that we could easily be mistaken for Snow White melodically describing her forest friends.

Except as soon as the word “Pit Bull” is out of our mouths, nine times out of ten the stranger looks at us like we’re the Evil Queen — which makes poor Ivy the poisoned apple in their twisted fairytale scenario.

Determined to prove all Pit naysayers wrong, we created Pit Bulls and Personal Branding, a campaign that engages our talent for branding with our passion for Pit Bull advocacy.


Our sweet red nose Pit Bull Ivy is KOTAW’s Brand Ambassador and she shows the world that a good personal branding coach can rectify even the harshest reputations.

It is our professional goal to brand you or your company as the most fascinating, exciting and intriguing personal or corporate brand in your field.

And it is our personal goal to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet, sensitive and loving dogs they are.

Being our own bosses, we have the lucky luxury of combining our personal and professional passions. Which is why you will very often find tales of Pit Bulls woven into our lessons on personal branding.

It’s also why many of our social media posts are devoted to spreading the Pit Bull love, either by sharing positive, feel-good Pit Bull stories, providing information on actionable steps you can take to support a Pit Bull cause, or writing stories and posting pictures of Ivy in her naturally sweet state, often with her adopted Poodle Doodle LuLU and magical kitten-cat fairy Doosis.


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Because trying to change the world seems like an overwhelming, insurmountable task, it’s often difficult to know how or where to start. To make things easier for you, we’re sharing some of our favorite resources and actionable steps you can take to help spread the Pit Bull love.


KOTAW Girl Gang members Bri Prooker and Kelsey Prooker stand up for pits with Ivy their rescue Pit Bull and KOTAW's Brand Ambassador

Sisters and KOTAW Girl Gang members Bri Prooker and Kelsey Prooker spreading the Pit Bull love with Ivy ♥

First and foremost, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation is a KOTAWesome resource. Stand Up For Pits was founded by Rebecca Corry and inspired by her rescue Pit Bull Angel.

Rebecca Corry has proudly devoted herself to being the voice of Angel and all Pit Bull-type dogs or, as Rebecca so accurately calls them, “velvet hippos.”

In doing so, Rebecca has become the KOTAW Girl Gang’s personal megaphone, amplifying our own voices that we’ve used on a daily basis to dispel ugly myths and spread the Pit Bull love ever since our baby Ivy waddled into our lives and stole our hearts many moons ago.

Rebecca stands up for pits, but she also stands up for the people who love them, the people who endure the hurt of having hateful, ignorant nonsense spewed at and about their best friends.

The KOTAW Girl Gang believes it’s up to all of us to stand up for pits. To help us spread the Pit Bull love, we recommend that you check out the Stand Up For Pits website, as well as follow Rebecca and Stand Up For Pits across all social platforms.

We also wholeheartedly recommend that you take these steps to support the Stand Up For Pits Foundation like we do, because in doing so, you’ll be helping to end dog fighting and abuse, as well as save Pit Bull lives:

1. Shop for ANGEL merchandise at the Stand Up for Pits online store! (Don’t KOTAW Girl Gang members Bri and Kelsey look adorable in their ANGEL “Be My Voice” t-shirts?) All proceeds from purchases go directly to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation.

2. Make your Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile for Stand Up For Pits and Amazon will donate .5% of each purchase directly to Stand Up For Pits. The KOTAW Girl Gang uses Amazon Smile to make our purchases for Stand Up For Pits — usually to buy toys and treats for our pittie-pie Ivy, Poodle Doodle LuLU and kitten-cat Doosis!

3. Use the “Walk For a Dog” app and select that you want to walk for the Stand Up For Pits Foundation. The KOTAW Girl Gang walks for Stand Up For Pits on all our walks with Ivy and LuLU and it’s extra special because we get to feel like we’re walking with Angel, while at the same time having our walks donate money to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation.


Ivy, KOTAW’s sweet Pit Bull Brand Ambassador, would love nothing more than to open her very own animal sanctuary. The KOTAW Girl Gang hopes to one day have our very own non-profit dedicated to helping save Pit Bulls and promoting Pit Bull love, as an extension of our Pit Bulls and Personal Branding passion project.

In the meantime, though, we would like to share with you some other Pit Bull advocacy and pet adoption groups that we support:

·  Best Friends Animal Society (as well as our local chapter, Best Friends — Los Angeles and NKLA, a Best Friends Animal Society initiative to make all Los Angeles shelters no-kill.

Best Friends Animal Society is committed to ending Pit Bull discrimination and — like the KOTAW Girl Gang — spreading Pit Bull love. We encourage you to read about the KOTAWesome work they’re doing to “ensure that every loving pet — no matter the breed — receives a loving home.”

·  Angel City Pit Bulls, a foster-based program here in Los Angeles, dedicated to finding loving Pit Bulls happy forever homes.

These groups do groundbreaking, lifesaving work rescuing Pit Bulls from high-kill shelters, advocating and rehabilitating abused Pit Bulls who were wrongfully and despicably declared “too damaged” or “beyond hope” to live, and fighting against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

Not only do these groups do incredible work in terms of Pit Bull rescue, rehabilitation and advocacy, they do so in a positive, uplifting way (because let’s face it, what true animal lover can tolerate seeing the graphic and devastating posts churned out by some well-intentioned but misguided organizations in the animal rights community?) At KOTAW, we are firm believers in the power of POSITIVE education and we are convinced that the amazing achievements made by Best Friends, NKLA and Angel City Pit Bulls are proof of that power.


The KOTAW Girl Gang believes it’s the small, daily interactions with those around us that have the most significant influence on how we see the world.

Think about it — as a society, we place enormous value on the opinions of our friends, coworkers and neighbors. And sometimes, it’s the brief comment from a perfect stranger that stays with you for life.

The KOTAW Girl Gang has had a lot of success converting people into Pit Bull lovers simply by using the power of storytelling to share Ivy’s silly, sweet, nurturing and kind-hearted nature with the world. Over time, people can’t help but fall in love with Ivy, which in turn helps change their minds about Pit Bulls in general.

Some of KOTAW’s Pit Bulls And Personal Branding Success Stories Include:

The KOTAW Girl Gang is rebranding Pit Bulls one story, one pittie wiggle at a time ♥

Furry KOTAW Girl Gang members, Poodle Doodle LuLU and Kitten Cat Doosis, stand up for pits too! ♥

·  A self-declared “cat lover only” telling the KOTAW Girl Gang that because of our stories and photos of Ivy on social media and in our Pit Bulls and Personal Branding blogs, she has now fallen in love with Pit Bulls, when previously she thought of them negatively. She professed this during a podcast she hosted in which KOTAW’s founder and chief storyteller, Katherine Kotaw, was the featured guest. She even named the podcast episode “Pit Bulls, Pie and Storytelling for Business” and used a photo of Ivy in the promo graphic for the podcast.

·  Another person we met through social media telling us she was deathly afraid of ALL dogs until reading our stories about Ivy and seeing all of Ivy’s sweet pictures. Because of KOTAW and our “adopt, don’t shop” message, she not only adopted a dog (when just SEEING a dog used to make her cry hysterically) but also regularly fosters dogs.  In fact, her 5th foster dog recently became a foster fail (and her second adopted fur baby!) She now also advocates for Pit Bulls through her writing and on social media.

·  A neighbor who used to highly discriminate against our sweet pittie-pie Ivy even though she had never met her (her discrimination was based solely on seeing sweet, loving pictures of Ivy kissing and cuddling with her sister Woofie — one of the dogs that inspired the KOTAW name and philosophy) going from hurling hateful, false information about Pit Bulls, to advocating for Pit Bull adoption through her Facebook page. How did this happen? Not quickly. First the KOTAW Girl Gang was told her dog could no longer play with Woofie now that we had Ivy because (insert ignorant, false, hurtful and untrue prejudices about Pit Bulls here). No matter how much we rebuffed her false claims with actual facts, her steadfast discrimination continued. We stayed friends with her on Facebook because we love her dog, and over time she started to fall in love with Ivy’s sweet stories, videos and pictures. Of course then she concluded Ivy was the “exception,” that she’s only sweet and loving because we are. We told her that was not the case and went about our life’s work of posting story after story of sweet and loving Pit Bulls to our social media accounts. Years later — to the KOTAW Girl Gang’s complete surprise, shock and amazement — our Pit Bulls and Personal Branding message of Pit Bull love finally sunk in for this neighbor. Because of Ivy’s natural sweetness and because of the KOTAW Girl Gang’s persistent positive storytelling about Pit Bulls, our neighbor finally let Ivy meet and play with her dog — and they became instant friends. This neighbor now routinely shares Pit Bulls in need of adoption to her Facebook page. She also fosters dogs (because of the KOTAW Girl Gang’s influence) and advocates for pet adoption through social media after falling in love with the stories behind all of the KOTAW Girl Gang’s adopted fur babies (she even rescued a dog herself, when previously she went to breeders).

·  Nary a day goes by that the KOTAW Girl Gang doesn’t receive positive Pit Bull related notes. People love tweeting to us to say they were just kissed by a Pit Bull or that because of Ivy, they feel compelled to spread Pit Bull love in their own daily interactions. Our social media friends and followers consistently tag us on Facebook in uplifting and inspiring Pit Bull stories, and even write to us saying they’ve given our names as resources for friends of theirs who are having a hard time dealing with discrimination of their beloved pitties. And yes, we’ve always been more than willing to help!


Take any and every opportunity to spread the Pit Bull love. If the person at the grocery store checkout mentions they’ve been thinking about getting a dog, suggest that they look into adopting a Pit Bull. If the person seems misguided (genuinely misinformed, NOT hateful — do not waste your time arguing with irrational cruelty) when it comes to Pit Bulls (they reply, “but aren’t Pit Bulls vicious?… aren’t they bad with kids?… aren’t shelter Pit Bulls who have been abused dangerous because temperament is determined by ‘how they’re raised?’’) take the opportunity to debunk these myths and speak the truth.

Need some help?

Here’s one of KOTAW’s favorite Pit Bull advocacy articles from The Lazy Pit Bull, advocating for the end of the perhaps well-intentioned (though incredibly misinformed) cliche “Pit Bulls can be really sweet, loving dogs if they’re raised right.” Learn why this phrase is harmful — and untrue — here.

Spoiler alert, this article contains an incredibly sweet and loving picture of a Pit Bull “raised” under the most heinous, abusive conditions who sweetly lies in bed with his human baby sister and listens to her read him her storybooks every night.

Want an even more visual representation of shelter Pit Bulls who were previously abused and are now the most loving, loyal family dogs? Check out this video by BarkBox. We guarantee your heart will be warmed.

Make small talk matter. Daily interactions — morning coffee runs to Starbucks, service repairs at the Apple store, blowouts at the hair salon — offer some of the easiest, most effective ways to spread the Pit Bull love.