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Polka Dots and Personal Branding Tips | KOTAW Content MarketingFor me, any day that involves a polkadot is a good day. So when I get polkadots in my mailbox, I’m pretty much ecstatic.

And when the polkadots are on a cape?

Well that’s just another degree of giddy!

So you can imagine my delight and surprise when I opened my KOTAW Content Marketing mailbox to find a polkadotted cape sent to me from two social media friends, Alisa Meredith and Kelly Kranz.

Alisa and Kelly are the hosts of the Superheroes of Marketing Podcast. I was honored when they asked me to appear on their show to talk about brand storytelling for business, and happily delighted when I saw their description of me: “Storyteller, published author and CEO of KOTAW Content Marketing. Lover of polka-dots, Dr. Seuss, and all things furry.”

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Polkadot…

So what do polkadots have to do with personal branding and brand storytelling?

I was announced as a polkadot-lover during my intro on the Superheroes of Marketing Podcast, then directly following the recording, Alisa tweeted me to say how much she loved my episode… and also that she forgot to ask me why I love polkadots so much!

Why did she make polkadots such a big part of my episode (and my cape!) without knowing the backstory behind my love of polkadots?

Because polkadots have been part of my brand story since day one.

Pit Bulls, Personal Branding and Polkadots, too!

Honestly, I never really paid attention to whether anyone connected me with polkadots. It was never a particular goal of mine. I want people to connect my name — and KOTAW Content Marketing — with storytelling and pit bulls. Because for me, “storyteller” is not just a title — it’s who I am. And I’m a storyteller on a mission to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet and loving dogs they are. KOTAW Content Marketing’s Pit Bull Brand Ambassador (my pittie-pie Ivy!) is doing a KOTAWesome job showing the world just how kind and gentle and silly and compassionate she is. I write stories about her sweet pittie adventures, post adorable pittie pictures to my social platforms, and people respond by sharing Pit Bull pictures and stories with me, on an almost daily basis.

But polkadots? Yes, I’m wearing a polkadotted Kate Spade dress in my bio picture and social media profile pics. Yes, one of the first boards I created on Pinterest was called “dots”. Yes, I’ve mentioned I’m a lover of polkadots in my KOTAW bio and have probably shared more than a few posts that were polkadot-themed in some way or another, but even as a personal branding coach and brand storyteller, I had no idea my audience was connecting me with polkadots! Not until polkadots got such a nice mention in my bio and introduction on Alisa and Kelly’s show and not until I received a polkadotted cape in the mail!


So let me connect the (polka) dots!

Everything you say and post on social media becomes part of your personal brand story. Just because it’s easy to set up social media profiles and start posting, tweeting or pinning does not mean you should post, tweet or pin at random.

The same thing goes for blogging.

Every word you say should mean something. Think of everything you say on your blog or in social media as being written in indelible ink.

Because if you post a lot of polkadots, someone will connect you with polkadots.

For me, that’s KOTAWesome! It means people are connecting with multiple layers of my brand story, not just the obvious ones like “brand storyteller” and “Pit Bull advocate”.

Writer-Storyteller Katherine Kotaw and Ivy, KOTAW Content Marketing's Pit Bull Brand Ambassador, are a polkadot-loving pair!

Ivy, KOTAW Content Marketing’s Pit Bull Brand Ambassador, likes polkadots too! Storyteller Katherine Kotaw’s love of polkadots is contagious — even her Poodle Doodle LuLu wants to celebrate the polkadot love!

I didn’t create the Pinterest board “dots” on a whim. It was a carefully thought-out decision.

When I started KOTAW Content Marketing just over two years ago and was beginning my Pinterest account with 0 followers, I didn’t want to just create a bunch of random marketing boards and pin every marketing blog from every supposed marketing guru, just to try to fit in by not standing out.

I wanted to tell my brand story through my pins. I wanted to reveal my personality. That’s why I created a “dots” board with the description: “I have never met a polka dot I didn’t like. When in doubt, go with polka dots. Still in doubt? Make them pink, add some glitter and call it a day.”

And why I created a “here here” board and made my board cover the iconic image of Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat up in the air. Funny how “HERE HERE” has also made its way to the foreground of my personal brand story, when it was also one of my very first boards and also one that had nothing to do with “marketing”.

But let’s get back to polkadots! What did I tweet back to Alisa when she asked me the story behind my love of polkadots?

I told her that when I was five or six years old, my parents bought me a pink velvet dress with black polkadots. It made me feel so pretty twirling in it that I’ve always associated polkadots with life’s twirl-worthy moments.

So that’s my polkadot story! Do YOU have a particular love or character quirk that has become part of your personal brand? If so, I bet there’s a good story behind it, and I want to hear it! Please share your twirl-worthy story below, or reach out to me privately here!

PS: Thank you Alisa and Kelly, with all my heart, for the beautiful polkadotted Superhero cape. Ivy and I both love it!

Photo credit: Ashley Ella Design

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  1. Awww…awww…more awwwwwww

    Oh dear – Ivy looks GORGEOUS in her cape! Let’s get the rest of the #KOTAWesomePetGang capes too ;) Then they can all pose for the BEST PHOTO OF ALL TIME :D

    You transform every moment of your life into a story, Kat, and I LOVE that #HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    OODLES of hugs to #SuperHeroineIVyandGang


    • Kit says:

      By the way, Ivy is too gentle – hehe – Oreo would have ripped that lovely cape apart – hehehehe

      I am going to FORCE him to wear his Aaron Rodgers shirt during football season though :P

      Muaaah (it’s almost 2 am here, but I couldn’t go to bed without dropping a comment on my Mama’s blog – Muaah)


    • Katherine Kotaw says:

      Ivy’s a real girly-girl. She LOVES dressing up! I have to be coaxed, bullied and bribed into doing photo shoots, but Ivy’s always camera-ready. She ended up in the cape mostly because I felt self-conscious wearing it. She clearly believes she owns it!

      Thank you for staying up late to drop by! Your comments always make me smile!



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