Introducing KOTAWesome!

KOTAWesome | KOTAW Content Marketing's branded hashtagOoh, that’s KOTAWesome!

Have you met our new hashtag?

What is #KOTAWesome? KOTAW + Awesome = KOTAWesome!

Anything that makes me smile, makes me laugh, inspires me, or makes me want to shout “Here, here!” gets the #KOTAWesome stamp of approval.

KOTAWesome is a term originally created by my good friend Paul Biedermann, in response to an article I wrote for 12 most, an online business, media and lifestyle publication for which Paul serves as Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief. High praise coming from a man who is also the Creative Director & Owner of re:DESIGN, an innovative design firm with a focus on visual branding and graphic communication.

Dr. Seuss has always been a huge inspiration of mine and, to this day, I still proudly declare him as my favorite author. Dr. Seuss taught me how to read, inspired me to write, and has oftentimes served as a moral compass.

Oh, and I very much credit him, at least in part, for my free-spirited (and a tad bit silly) nature. Yes, I love Dr. Seuss for many a reason, not least of which is his knack for creating made-up words.

KOTAWesome, of course, is a made-up word. As is KOTAW itself. KOTAW combines the names of two of my dogs, Dakota and Woofie (DaKOTAWoofie,) as their love story helped inspire my company’s philosophy about doing business and developing client relationships.

By the way, since KOTAW is a virgin word, I thought I’d take this opportunity to give a quick lesson on its proper pronunciation.

Phonetically, KOTAW sounds like this: COAT-AH

Coat, as in, Bloomin’ bloody hell it’s cold on the streets of London and this poor Cockney flower girl ain’t got propa outerwear to keep’er warm.

Ah, as in, Ah ha! By George, she’s got it!

So that’s my little Henry Higgins-inspired schooling in the elocution of KOTAW :)

And, just for fun, watch Professor Higgins’ grand Ah ha! moment as Eliza Doolittle finally masters her phonetic exercise, “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.”

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