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KOTAW Off the Clock - Adventures of the KOTAW Girl Gang laced with mini marketing tips

Build a strong brand story and enjoy the magic that follows | KOTAW Content MarketingThere is a heightened sense of magic and wonder in the KOTAW Girl Gang household. There is a sparkle in our Pit Bull Brand Ambassador Ivy’s eyes that glistens even more so than usual and, when my daughters and I try to match Ivy’s glance to see what she is seeing, we know for certain that she must be staring at a beautiful unicorn from another pittie-pie dimension!

When I look at my daughters — and KOTAW business partners! —Bri and Kelsey, I see giant hot pink thought bubbles floating above their heads with dreams and plans and goals and inspirations. The hot pink thought bubbles keep popping up more and more rapidly and floating whimsically into one another — then duplicating like hot pink mercury!— until our entire KOTAW Girl Gang headquarters is filled with beautiful hot pink bubbles of dreams and plans and goals and inspirations that I know without a doubt my girls will put to KOTAWesome and brilliant use.

As for KOTAW Girl Gang member Doosis, our sweet rescue kitten-cat, she is skipping around like usual, daintily hopping in and out of sparkly little fairy lands —the kitten-cat version of Mary Poppins jumping in out and of chalk paintings. She is the happiest and most magical little creature we’ve ever known and may be oblivious to the extra fairy dust recently sprinkled around the KOTAW household — but only because she’s lucky enough to see it very clearly ever day!

Which brings me to KOTAW Girl Gang member LuLu, our tap dancing Poodle Doodle (often referred to as our Mensa Poodle — oh my she is wicked smart!) LuLu has been Poodle Doodle tap dancing with a big Poodle Doodle grin singing: “Get THANKY, get THANKY, get THANKY, get THANKY, get THANKY for DOODLES LIKE ME!”

And how could I not get thanky for LuLu?! She makes me smile and makes me laugh with her Doodle antics each and every day. And yes (as LuLu likes to hear very, very often!) each one of her Poodle Doodle curls is a curlicue-dle masterpiece — and she is my curliecue-dle Poodle Doodle!

A Very Inspirational (and Very Pink!) Social Media Campaign

The credit for “get thanky” — and the extra magic and rosy pink joy in the KOTAW Girl Gang household — goes to the incomparable Chloe Pink.

Who is Chloe Pink?! She’s the cartoon creation of artist and girl power advocate Sharna Fulton. Chloe Pink, along with her BFF terrier mutt Pete, encourages girls of all ages to follow their dreams.

She does this via social media, telling girls to believe in themselves on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Chloe Pink also spreads her girl empowerment message in classrooms, after school programs, creativity workshops and “anywhere she can encourage girls to have self-confidence through self-expression,” Sharna says.

How KOTAWesome is that?

And even more KOTAWesome: Chloe Pink coined the phrase “get thanky” and encouraged her Facebook followers to GET THANKY all November long to spread kindness and gratitude every day leading up to Thanksgiving.

She had an incentive — a drawing to win a Chloe Pink Thanksgiving Treat Pack for everyone who used the #getthanky hashtag on Facebook along with a reason for being THANKY — but it was the project itself that made ME get thanky.

Every day in November I was rewarded with a fanciful image of what Chloe Pink got THANKY for, from snowflakes to dreams to BFFs to rosy cheeks and shiny rain boots!

And I in turn was inspired to get thanky. I got thanky for my daughters who are my best friends and for our three fur babies who — individually! — showed up at our door and said “Adopt me, please!” Ivy, LuLu and Doosis are three of the greatest gifts we’ve ever received.

More Gifts, More Gratitude

I also got thanky for polka dots, for Dr. Seuss, for nature walks that lead to writing inspiration and for groups of women who support each other in all their endeavors.

One of my “get thankys” even became Chloe Pink’s featured reason to get thanky! I wrote about how our pittie-pie Ivy was extra cuddly with Bri when she wasn’t feeling well and how I was so THANKY for that… and Chloe Pink made SNUGGLES her reason number 16 to get thanky! She dedicated her post to Ivy, Bri and me and included an adorable illustration of Chloe Pink snuggling with Pete in her bed (as a representation of Bri and Ivy cuddling!) I of course got VERY THANKY for that!

So how did all this getting thanky turn my KOTAW Girl Gang household into a magical portal for fairies and unicorns? How did my ceiling turn pink with never-ending thought bubbles of dreams destined to come true?

Well first of all, KOTAW Content Marketing won Chloe Pink’s Thanksgiving Treat Pack drawing!

And second of all, the Treat Pack arrived — and with it, a never-ending supply of pink fairy dust!

Customized for the KOTAW Girl Gang

To my surprise and delight, the Chloe Pink Treat Pack contained not one, but THREE Chloe Pink activity books, each individually signed by Chloe Pink herself, one to Bri, one to Kelsey and one to me!

When I wrote to Sharna to tell her how happy this made my girls and me, she said “When you told me that your kiddos were excited to get the prize, CP & I knew we had to up our game a little.”

So Bri received The Chloe Pink Doodle and Dream Coloring Book, with a special handwritten message from Chloe Pink telling her to follow her dreams.

And Kelsey and I received The Tell Your Secrets & Stuff to Chloe Pink Diary, with the same uplifting (and specially handwritten!) message from Chloe Pink.

My daughters and I have already begun coloring, doodling and writing in our special Chloe Pink books. And we already ordered one for our precious little three-year-old friend, Paige!

Because oh my you can tell that Sharna’s background is in copywriting! The copy in the books is laugh-out-loud funny. The writing is so intelligent and inspirational — and my daughters and I have really seen nothing like the Chloe Pink books in terms of being such a strong, genuine voice for girls and women alike. I double-dare you to buy the Chloe Pink activity books and not feel inspired, smart and strong.

The world definitely needs more powerful female role models — and Chloe Pink is just that!

But back to our lovely package!

Eye Candy (Canes) and Visual Brand Storytelling Success

Everything was packed in the most beautiful pink box rimmed with gold — and on the inside of the box were golden polkadots! POLKADOTS — one of the things I get THANKY for!

When I wrote to Sharna to tell her how much my daughters and I loved the box, she said “When I saw that pink box at Target, I knew I had to get it for you. It just seemed to go with your delectable eye candied KOTAW branding.”

When I stopped AWWWWWWWW’ing over how thoughtful it was for Sharna to have chosen a special box with my KOTAW Girl Gang in mind, I marveled at how KOTAWesome it was for her to have shopped at Target with KOTAW’s visual branding style in mind.

Especially because when my daughters and I are at Target, we always think of Chloe Pink and believe her girl power brand would be SUCH a hit there! Chloe Pink coloring books, Chloe Pink diaries, Chloe Pink storybooks… the Chloe Pink doll, the Pete the terrier mutt stuffed animal… Chloe Pink and Pete on T-shirts and hats telling girls to follow their dreams! The Chloe Pink possibilities are endless! So if anyone from Target is reading this, I triple-dare you to read The Tell Your Secrets & Stuff to Chloe Pink Diary and not want to put the Chloe Pink brand in your stores!

The KOTAW Girl Gang is following their dreams, Chloe Pink-style - KOTAW Content Marketing

Now back to what was INSIDE the beautiful box that made Sharna think of KOTAW eye candy! (This is why it sometimes takes my daughters and me a week to open all our Christmas gifts — we ooh and ahhh over every detail of the gift, from the wrapping to what’s inside… then we start telling stories about our adventures buying each bow, tag and present… and suddenly we’ve been opening gifts for eight hours and the Christmas tree is STILL overflowing with beautifully wrapped boxes covered in glittery and elaborate bows!)

Sharna also included three pink tulle scarfs in her Chloe Pink package for my daughters and me! And this was also incredibly thoughtful because Sharna posted a picture of herself wearing a pink tulle Chloe Pink scarf for her birthday on her Facebook page and I left a comment saying how much my girls and I loved it! And she remembered and made one for each of us!!

More magic from the Chloe Pink Treat Pack included a rawhide that Ivy and LuLu shared and absolutely LOVED (so much so that we made an adorable video — Chloe Pink rawhides must be extra delicious!!) three yummy oversized candy canes for my girls and me and a candy cane chocolate cookie mix that we had so much fun baking together!

We also got a pretty Chloe Pink postcard and peppermint marshmallows and everything was adorned with special Chloe Pink tags to add to the pink charm and enchantment!

I couldn’t think of a better way to put my KOTAW Girl Gang in the holiday spirit than our Chloe Pink Treat Pack!

THANKY, THANKY, THANKY, Chloe Pink and Sharna, with all our hearts!

Back on the Clock

Why did the KOTAW Girl Gang win Chloe Pink’s Thanksgiving giveaway? Sharna playfully said we won the drawing because we had the most entries… but the REASON we had the most entries was because Chloe Pink’s GET THANKY social media campaign stood out.

Scrolling through social media posts can get pretty boring at times. Actually REALLY boring! I’m so cheer-for-joy happy any time I find a post that engages me — that makes me want to comment or share or read more. And the posts that compel me to share my stories in the comments section are the absolute BEST!

Chloe Pink’s GET THANKY social media campaign was that for me.

Sharna made November full of social media joy.

Each day I couldn’t wait to see the latest Chloe Pink illustration and reason to get thanky!

Ivy, KOTAW Content Marketing's Pit Bull Brand Ambassador, loves Chloe Pink!jpg

From a content marketing standpoint, Chloe Pink’s GET THANKY social media campaign stood out so much among the usual run-of-the-mill social media posts.

Which meant I wanted to promote the GET THANKY campaign — and many others did too!

This led to free publicity for the Chloe Pink brand (and free publicity for the KOTAW brand too because Chloe Pink loved KOTAW’s reasons for getting thanky!)

And now here I am writing a blog all about Chloe Pink because of how much my daughters and I love our Chloe Pink Treat pack — more free publicity for Chloe Pink (and for KOTAW too — KOTAW’s brand storytelling stands out so much that Chloe Pink personalized our entire Chloe Pink Treat Pack specifically for the KOTAW Girl Gang!)

And the best part?! There’s no marketing game plan or manipulation involved. Sharna and I genuinely admire each other’s brands and feel genuine joy supporting one another.

So what social media and brand storytelling lesson can you learn from all this?!

Stand out, support one another, be kind and generous on social media, build a strong brand story… and make sure to enjoy the magic that follows!

Let’s chat! What are YOU doing to make YOUR brand story stand out? Is there a particular brand that really stands out to you on social media because of their brand storytelling? If so, what’s the brand and what is it they’re are doing to shine and make magic happen?!

Do you have any questions about how to make your brand stand out or about brand storytelling in general? Ask me your social media and brand storytelling questions in the comments section below, or contact KOTAW Content Marketing in Los Angeles here!


  1. Your breathless excitement is so palpable even my heart is racing, Kat! Can’t wait to see what those ‘giant hot pink bubbles’ are going to transform into?!

    Well, I already know – more #KOTAWesome magic.

    Wish I knew about Chloe Pink’s campaign – going to friend her ASAP!

    Thanks for introducing me to another stellar brand…and human being, Kat #HUGS

    • Katherine Kotaw says:

      Awwww, thank you, Kitto! And you’re welcome! Chloe Pink and her real-life creator are both fantastic. Your social media will always include cleverness and cheer if you follow Chloe Pink.

      And I’m certain she would love to meet a writer as talented — and a soul as generous — as you!

      I was force-fed pink growing up. From party dresses to bedroom carpeting, I was surrounded by pink.

      I took out my lack of aesthetic choice on the color itself — and refused to dress my daughters or myself in the vexing color!

      So — no surprise! — Bri and Kelsey fell in love with the color at an early age. And turned me into a pink convert.

      So I take extra joy in the Chloe Pink character because she is strong, powerful and pink, not the least diminished by the feminine color. She reminds me of my daughters — tough enough to wear and appreciate soft colors.

      Lots of love,


  2. Priya Singh says:

    Hi Katherine,
    Wow! awesome blog post with helpful information indeed !
    i enjoyed a lot while reading this article and it seems very helpful , i will suggest it to my daughter .
    By the way awesome point is KOTAW gang ! Superb!.

    Cheers.. :)

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