Mary Poppins and Branding Magic for a Happy New Year

Mary Poppins and Branding Magic for a Happy New Year | KOTAW Content Marketing

Shortly after her arrival at the Banks household, Mary Poppins chided Jane and Michael for making a "pie crust promise -- easily made, easily broken." I feel the same way about New Year's resolutions. They're flaky, a delectable characteristic in pastry, but a crumbled mess in business. Life is better with pie. Business is better without resolutions. Your business -- your career -- benefit from decisions and the thoughtful planning and … [Read more...]

Ornamental Advice For Solid Business Success

Ornamental Advice for Solid Business Success | KOTAW Content Marketing

The first year when I was truly an adult -- career, house and a mortgage -- I asked my parents for a single Christmas present: tree ornaments. They gave me four boxes of brand new, plastic blue balls, and I was crestfallen. What I'd wanted -- what I'd asked for -- were some of the ornaments that had hung on the family tree every Christmas, a sample of the delicate Santas and painted reindeer that I'd admired every year. "Wait," my mother … [Read more...]

Reindeer Games, Your Brand and the Pit Bull Challenge

Reindeer Games, Your Business and the Pit Bull Branding Challenge | KOTAW Content Marketing | Pit Bulls and Personal Branding

When Ivy waddled into my life a few years ago, I didn't expect to fall in love with her, make her a member of my family or give her a job as KOTAW's Brand Ambassador. I thought I'd just return her to Jose, our neighbor who'd adopted Ivy as a five-week-old puppy, tell him she was escaping to our house when he was at work, and that would be that. But Ivy kept escaping, clumsily traveling the sidewalks past two other houses before she reached … [Read more...]

California Dreamin’ on a KOTAW Winter’s Day

Got content marketing frostbite? Heat up your business plan with powerful, brand-propelling digital marketing strategies | KOTAW Content Marketing

It snowed in Los Angeles on Thursday! Well, it was the southern California equivalent -- a gentle, steady rain cascading from sunny skies that created, for a few wondrous moments, the illusion of snowfall. Ten minutes later, the sidewalks were dry and, within an hour, the lawn was too. My dreams of a white Christmas -- and a lower water bill -- were dashed. Most days of the year, I feel pretty smug about living in a temperate climate. … [Read more...]

Jingle Your Way To Personal Branding Success

Jingle Your Way to Personal Branding Success | KOTAW Content Marketing

When people heard my father sing the first few chords of a song, they invariably urged him to step up to a microphone or onto a stage. Piano players promised him a career as their vocalist, directors guaranteed him leading roles in their musicals. Until he got to the second verse. My dad's great tenor voice never faltered -- it turned heads and lifted spirits with every note -- but my dad couldn't sing more than a few lines of any song before … [Read more...]