Sloths, Sex and Success: Get the Results You Really Want for Your Business Blog

5 No-Nonsense Ways to Spice Up Your Business Blog | KOTAW Content Marketing

A blog is as important to the health of your business as exercise and proper diet are to your personal wellbeing. But, if you're like a lot of business owners, you hate writing blog posts as much as sloths detest jogging and carnivores despise kale. So you slack off or give up. Then you feel bad about yourself and try again -- harder this time. And fail again, also harder. Like a yo-yo dieter, your feast-and-famine approach to blogging never … [Read more...]

BuzzFeed Buzz Kill: A Case for Brand Reputation SOS

Protect your brand reputation: abide by image copyright laws when sharing visuals on social media or your business blog | KOTAW Content Marketing

BuzzFeed is making money and headlines. But it's not making friends. If BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti is a Meat Loaf fan, he might think that two out of three ain't bad. His investors may disagree. Because BuzzFeed is not just failing to make friends. The company is making enemies -- enemies who are suing and, perhaps worse, damaging the BuzzFeed brand at a critical time in the company's seven-year history. The legal troubles may go away. … [Read more...]

Who Stole the Content from the Cookie Jar?

Digital Brand Journalism and Content Curation Etiquette | KOTAW Content Marketing, Branding through Storytelling in Los Angeles

The first time I heard the term "content curation," I felt slightly nauseated. My writer's self-preservation instincts had kicked in, and my tummy was taking the beating. "People will just use 'content curation' as an excuse to steal other people's material," I said to anyone who would listen. Not many did. Content curation became not just a buzzword but an industry -- and a mandate to brands. And I was ready to admit (to my tiny … [Read more...]

Quotable Kotaw: Undercover Blogs and Mapping Success

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Sure, Holly Golightly can rock a kitty cat mask, but business bloggers can't pull off such get-ups. Get the whole story! Read Katherine Kotaw's article, "Why No One Wants Your Guest Posts (And How To Become A Welcomed Contributor)" Don't be hasty! Catching thieves (or successfully accomplishing any other objective) requires some thoughtful mapping out. Get the whole story! Read "KOTAW by the Numbers: First 20 Days…Paula Abdul, Nicki Minaj, … [Read more...]

Go Hollywood? Or Go Mankato? Out-of-town businesses rocked the Hollywood tagline competition

Writing your brand tagline | KOTAW Content Marketing

I learned the essential rule of storytelling from Lou Grant. Or rather the New York editor who inspired the irascible character Ed Asner played to Emmy and Golden Globe-winning acclaim on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Lou Grant." The rule I learned was this: "Sell your story in 10 seconds or don't bother." It was a painful lesson -- "irascible" doesn't begin to describe the real-life Lou Grant -- but it is one that I've repeated in … [Read more...]