Edict of a Storyteller: Don’t Let Anyone Write Your Endings!

Storyteller's Edict: Don't Let Anyone Write Your Story's Ending | KOTAW Content Marketing

I never write anything – fact or fiction, short paragraph or full-length manuscript – until I determine what I will say in the last sentence. Nothing is more important than the end of a story, and few things in life upset me more than people or events that try to rewrite my final words. Which is why my disposition, usually sunnier than the southern California skies, turned cloudy in recent weeks. Problems – from glitch to crisis – rained down … [Read more...]

I Love Lucy and (Finally) Appreciate Bruno Mars

Why I'm taking branding lessons from a poodle (and why smart entrepreneurs should, too!) | KOTAW Content Marketing

I’d jump off a roof for you Risk my life as proof to you I’d run away from home for you Howl, growl, whine and moan for you You know I’d do anything for you Bite a snake in the grass for you Bite your ex in the ass for you Yes, I would die for you, Mama But would you do the same? The answer, as it turned out, was yes. But like the lukewarm lover in "Grenade," I really tried to resist Lucy’s over-the-top efforts to woo me. She’d wake … [Read more...]

Mirroring Pit Bulls and Reflecting Good: A Pit Bull Awareness Month Branding Challenge

Pit Bulls & Personal Branding | At KOTAW, it's our professional goal to brand you or your company as the most fascinating, exciting and intriguing in your field. And it's our personal goal to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet, sensitive and loving dogs they are. Being boss babes, the KOTAW Girl Gang has the luxury of combining our personal and professional passions. Which is why you'll often find tales of Pit Bulls woven into our lessons on personal branding.

Last night, on the way home from a walk to the park, my sweet Pit Bull, Ivy, was waiting patiently for the “Walk” sign to illuminate so we could cross the street, when she noticed something in the darkness about five feet away. Ivy looked a tad frightened, but mostly curious. I turned to see what Ivy was looking at and saw that she was staring at a tall reflective office building with her Pittie image reflected in it from a … [Read more...]

Who Shot the Storyteller?

Vintage camera kate spade soap box derby ad

Day one of filming my intro for the course I'm going to teach for the Content Marketing Institute. Today's shoot is at our KOTAW office in Los Angeles; tomorrow morning the production will travel for several on-location shots (hint: Ivy gets to come with!) In a previous blog post, I mentioned that raspberry pastries from Whole Foods were giving me the (sugary) energy I needed to complete slides for the PowerPoint section of my CMI course. … [Read more...]

Curated by KOTAW: Storytelling, Ms. DeGeneres, and Stealthy Ads

Curated by KOTAW: Storytelling, Ms. DeGeneres, and Stealthy Ads | KOTAW Content Marketing

“This Will be the Number One Business Skill of the Next Five Years” by Shane Snow, CCO of Contently A truly insightful article by Shane Snow, CCO of Contently. In his article, published on LinkedIn, Snow argues that storytelling, “a timeless skill” and “essential driver of change throughout human history,” is destined to become the primary and essential aspect of successful marketing and branding of both companies and people. "Ellen … [Read more...]