Free Pencils and Pricey Cashmere: Branding is Not in the Label

Why branding is so much more than labels | KOTAW Content Marketing

This year, for my Libra younger daughter’s birthday, Kelsey said she wanted to do all her birthday shopping as a family. That way, she said, she got to spend more time with her elder sister Bri – and me! (That oh-so clever rhyme was just in case any of my loyal readers happened to forget that my favorite writer is Dr. Seuss. But I digress!) Kelsey had already decided several years back that she wanted to be a participant in the baking of her … [Read more...]

A Letter to a Pit: Put Your Social Media to the Pen Pal Test!

Social media is about making genuine connections -- Does your social media strategy pass the pen pal test?

Ivy received her very first letter! This weekend, I made the couple minute trip from my home to my KOTAW Content Marketing mailbox and my mouth quickly formed a smile as I saw an oversized rectangular envelope addressed not only to me, but to my Brand Ambassador too! I desperately wanted to open it right then and there, but since it was addressed to my sweet red nose pit bull as well as to me, I knew it wouldn’t be fair to open it without … [Read more...]

Ol’ Blue Eyes Branding and Giving Thanks My Way

Ol' Blue Eyes Branding: Do Your Brand, YOUR Way | KOTAW Content Marketing

I never appreciated the sex appeal of Frank Sinatra. The swagger and cool detachment that helped define his personal brand left me tepid at best. But I fell in love with the soulfulness of his signature songs such as "It Was a Very Good Year" and "New York, New York." And I always find myself humming -- or belting -- "My Way" as Thanksgiving approaches. It's a holiday I reinvented for my family at the same time I was newly imagining my … [Read more...]

Horton Hears a HOA!

Writer Katherine Kotaw story of KOTAW Content Marketing after overcoming domestic violence

Horton is my favorite Dr. Seuss character. His big ears – and bigger heart – heard voices that no one else did. He was a child’s best friend – someone who listened. On Nov. 20, I was greeted by a storyteller's best friend -- an audience of Hortons, who listened to my tales despite audio and visual glitches that could have sent everyone scrambling for the mute and stop buttons on their computers. An amazing audience embraced the … [Read more...]

The Three Faces of Eve-ry Personal Brand

How to craft an iconic personal brand | KOTAW Content Marketing

This article previously appeared on the Content Marketing Institute blog, but I thought it deserved a permanent home here on my website. I liked the original title -- Personal Brand Marketing Tips from Three Influential Women: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Your Mom -- but I've renamed it here to reflect the multiple facets of personal branding. And sometimes personal branding does seem as scary as Joanne Woodward's character in The Three Faces of … [Read more...]