The Three Faces of Eve-ry Personal Brand

How to craft an iconic personal brand | KOTAW Content Marketing

This article previously appeared on the Content Marketing Institute blog, but I thought it deserved a permanent home here on my website. I liked the original title -- Personal Brand Marketing Tips from Three Influential Women: Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Your Mom -- but I've renamed it here to reflect the multiple facets of personal branding. And sometimes personal branding does seem as scary as Joanne Woodward's character in The Three Faces of … [Read more...]

Google Endorsements: Bad for Branding?

Google Endorsements and Branding | KOTAW Content Marketing

Celebrities and athletes make millions and sometimes hundreds of millions endorsing products for brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Coca Cola and Polaroid. Beginning November 11, 2013, you can have your own endorsement deal with Google, but you won't get paid for it. Changes to Google Terms of Service permit the search engine giant to include your name and photo in advertisements. If you've ever written a review of your local print shop or +1’d a … [Read more...]

Curated by KOTAW: Fall Harvest

Best Content Marketing Infographics, Articles and Videos of the Fall Season | KOTAW Content Marketing

I grew up in southern Ontario, Canada, where fall was clearly marked by the Crayola-colored leaves that blanketed our yard and the aroma of Jonathan apples ripening in a neighboring orchard. Autumn is harder to discern in Los Angeles where fruit grows year-round and the temperature soars to triple-digits in September. It happens, then, that KOTAW's Fall Harvest Picks of the Season post is a month late and still incompletely curated. It's not … [Read more...]

Personal Branding: 5 Scary-Good Lessons

Personal Branding Tips Inspired by Halloween Traditions | KOTAW Content Marketing

We live in a city that loves Halloween. We live on a block that Halloween forgot. Both city and block taught me 5 personal branding lessons worth remembering -- and sharing. In West Hollywood, about five miles away, 500,000 people take to the streets in extravagant costumes that merit national news coverage. About a mile from our home, Steven Spielberg and his Toluca Lake neighbors produce circus acts and magic shows on Halloween. And less … [Read more...]

Goldilocks and the Three Excuses: A Storyteller’s Story

Goldilocks and the three bears

I wanted everything to be "just right" when I filmed my debut video for KOTAW Content Marketing. So I postponed for reasons Goldilocks would have understood -- the weather was too hot, the sun was too high, the task was too hard. And yet we ended up filming the video in 105-degree heat with a borrowed camera, a noisy background and no direction other than "say something." Why? Because life doesn't hand us a bowl of perfect porridge and we … [Read more...]