Don’t Brand Yourself a Telephone DumbBell: 12 Off-the-Hook Rules for Client Communication

How to rock relationship marketing in a tech-driven world | KOTAW Content Marketing

I break rules all the time – other people’s rules. I’m usually the zigger among the hordes of zaggers because, well, I’ve never wanted to get lost in the crowd. I usually hold fast, though, to the rules I make for myself or recommend to others. But I don’t follow them blindly, and I modify or toss them when appropriate. In the fall of 2013, when I’d recently been introduced to Paul Biedermann, we shared a lively exchange about email … [Read more...]

Free Pencils and Pricey Cashmere: Branding is Not in the Label

Why branding is so much more than labels | KOTAW Content Marketing

This year, for my Libra younger daughter’s birthday, Kelsey said she wanted to do all her birthday shopping as a family. That way, she said, she got to spend more time with her elder sister Bri – and me! (That oh-so clever rhyme was just in case any of my loyal readers happened to forget that my favorite writer is Dr. Seuss. But I digress!) Kelsey had already decided several years back that she wanted to be a participant in the baking of her … [Read more...]

Embrace the Unexpected: Success Beyond the To-Do List

Embrace the Unexpected: Entrepreneur Success Beyond the To-Do List | KOTAW Content Marketing

It was a night of unexpecteds. My daughters and I had planned on dropping off Ivy, our sweet red nose Pit Bull (and KOTAW’s Brand Ambassador!) at our neighbor Jose’s house (where she used to live, before she decided to live with my daughters and me instead!) so that she could spend the weekend with him and his son. We figured we’d drop her off, go out to dinner, then peruse the aisles of Target (and inevitably end up with a basket full of … [Read more...]

Green Eyes & Sham: Is Good Luck a Wee Bit O’ Irish Blarney?

In business and life, make your own luck | KOTAW Content Marketing

Porcelain skin, green eyes and rosy cheeks mark me as the Irish lass I am. I even speak with a bit of an Irish "r", despite a vocal coach's unsuccessful attempt to correct it. But looking and sounding like my ancestors from the Emerald Isle never satisfied me as a young child. What I wanted from my heritage was good fortune. Every St. Patrick's Day -- and many weeks and months in between -- I lamented that the luck o' the Irish never visited … [Read more...]

Busy Bees and Worker Ants

Hey there, busy bee! | Entrepreneur Inspiration | KOTAW Content Marketing

There's this quote that I often see in my Pinterest feed that I really like: "Stop the glorification of busy." The first time I saw this quote, I immediately pinned it to my "here, here" board, a candy grab-bag assortment of this-es and thats, things that make me want to stand up and passionately proclaim, here, here! People constantly going on and on about their busy, busy lives has always been a pet peeve of mine. Because we're all … [Read more...]