Sloths, Sex and Success: Get the Results You Really Want for Your Business Blog

5 No-Nonsense Ways to Spice Up Your Business Blog | KOTAW Content Marketing

A blog is as important to the health of your business as exercise and proper diet are to your personal wellbeing. But, if you're like a lot of business owners, you hate writing blog posts as much as sloths detest jogging and carnivores despise kale. So you slack off or give up. Then you feel bad about yourself and try again -- harder this time. And fail again, also harder. Like a yo-yo dieter, your feast-and-famine approach to blogging never … [Read more...]

Illuminating Your Content Marketing Strategy: Lighthouse or Search Light?

How to become a blogging beacon of light | KOTAW Content Marketing

An abandoned puppy imprinted herself on my soul last week. And taught me a lesson in content marketing strategy. I heard Ivy barking, crying – hyperventilating – in the backyard and some pitiful noises I couldn’t identify. I went out to investigate and found a tiny white puppy on the other side of a brick wall that outlines our property. She was shaking and scooching along on her belly. As I crouched down and stroked her coarse fur, she … [Read more...]

Bylines, Bygones and Blogs

4 questions to ask yourself before you start writing your next blog | KOTAW Content Marketing

It's a vain-glorious moment the first time you see your name -- and maybe your photo too -- at the top of a blog post. Sure your company website doesn't have quite the prestige of The New York Times or a bestselling novel. But as soon as you hit the "publish" button, you are an author, a professional writer. This status can bring you pleasure, pride and profit. Or painful -- and expensive -- grief. Don't take your byline lightly. The words … [Read more...]

Curated by KOTAW: Fall Harvest

Best Content Marketing Infographics, Articles and Videos of the Fall Season | KOTAW Content Marketing

I grew up in southern Ontario, Canada, where fall was clearly marked by the Crayola-colored leaves that blanketed our yard and the aroma of Jonathan apples ripening in a neighboring orchard. Autumn is harder to discern in Los Angeles where fruit grows year-round and the temperature soars to triple-digits in September. It happens, then, that KOTAW's Fall Harvest Picks of the Season post is a month late and still incompletely curated. It's not … [Read more...]

Ultimate Punishment or Ultimate Opportunity? Social Media Marketing Case Study

Ultimate Punishment or Ultimate Opportunity? A Social Media Marketing Case Study | KOTAW Content Marketing

In 30 days, my team at KOTAW Content Marketing increased a new client's Twitter following by 500%, achieved engagement with 41.7% of her followers and converted 1 in 5 of them into shoppers who spent nearly $10,000 at her online kitchen gadget store. The client had made $0 from Twitter conversions the month before, according to Google Analytics. And it's unlikely she ever earned money from Twitter traffic before we took over her social media … [Read more...]