The Message in the Birdhouse Library: Say No to Social Media Pretense!

Say 'Hello' to Social Media Authenticity | KOTAW Content Marketing

It truly pains me to throw away books, but I am also without passion for collecting them. And too lazy to lug them to the local library. So I have boxes and boxes of gently used and sadly neglected novels sitting in my closet, garage and car. I was nearing the point of chucking them all -- conscience be damned! -- when I made a fantastic discovery at a nearby park -- a miniature library where you can drop off or pick up a book from what looks … [Read more...]

California Dreamin’ on a KOTAW Winter’s Day

Got content marketing frostbite? Heat up your business plan with powerful, brand-propelling digital marketing strategies | KOTAW Content Marketing

It snowed in Los Angeles on Thursday! Well, it was the southern California equivalent -- a gentle, steady rain cascading from sunny skies that created, for a few wondrous moments, the illusion of snowfall. Ten minutes later, the sidewalks were dry and, within an hour, the lawn was too. My dreams of a white Christmas -- and a lower water bill -- were dashed. Most days of the year, I feel pretty smug about living in a temperate climate. … [Read more...]

BuzzFeed Buzz Kill: A Case for Brand Reputation SOS

Protect your brand reputation: abide by image copyright laws when sharing visuals on social media or your business blog | KOTAW Content Marketing

BuzzFeed is making money and headlines. But it's not making friends. If BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti is a Meat Loaf fan, he might think that two out of three ain't bad. His investors may disagree. Because BuzzFeed is not just failing to make friends. The company is making enemies -- enemies who are suing and, perhaps worse, damaging the BuzzFeed brand at a critical time in the company's seven-year history. The legal troubles may go away. … [Read more...]

Real Ads and Fake Conversation: A Mass Marketing Gift

Digital Marketing: How to Engage Your Audience on Social Media | KOTAW Content Marketing

When I read recently about software that lets mobile users talk to ads, my first thought was, "People don't talk to each other anymore -- why would they want to chat with Frito Lay or Pizza Hut on their mobile phones?” My second thought was, "What a genius idea." It's precisely because normal conversation is dying that the birth of a new way of communicating makes sense. Even if the chat-with-an-ad session is as mundane as … [Read more...]

Fruity Cereal and Loopy Ideas: Why Social Media Can Endanger Your Brand

How to charm on social media | KOTAW Content Marketing

Trix are for kids. And Twitter is for twits. If my father were still alive, that's what he would have said. Maybe he'd have skipped the part about the fruity cereal -- he didn't allow my brother and me to eat Trix -- but he definitely would have chimed in with a derisive comment about CEOs who banked on 140-character communications for their business success. I would have argued with him and he would have called me a twit. It was one of … [Read more...]