Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Funds with Dual Branding

The broke girl's guide to branding | KOTAW Content Marketing

Are you a box of Cheerios or a bag of toasted o’s? A bright yellow box of expertly branded goodness that commands that coveted eye-level spot on grocery store counters or an undistinguished container of brown cereal that no one would want if it weren’t 30 percent cheaper? When ambitious CEOs build their brands, on their own or with the help of a personal branding coach, they have Cheerios-level aspirations. They want the perceived and actual … [Read more...]

A Wicked Witch and Brand Storytelling: 10 KOTAWesome Reasons to Travel With Family to the Land of Oz (and Business Success)

A Wicked Witch and Brand Storytelling: 10 KOTAWesome Reasons to Travel With Family to the Land of Oz (and Business Success) | KOTAW Content Marketing

I didn’t have to dance with a scarecrow, dry a lion’s tears or click my heels three times to know that there’s no place like home. For business. And business partnerships. When I first became a stay-at-home entrepreneur, I didn’t measure success in terms of profits but in the number of times I was able to cheer my daughters at school events, spend evenings watching old movies and new TV shows with them and embark on impromptu, … [Read more...]

Evergreen Magic, Red and Pink Good Deed: Storytelling Must Always Have Heart

Avoid burnout and achieve evergreen business magic through heartfelt storytelling | KOTAW Content Marketing

It’s the third week of January and there is still a Christmas tree in my living room. Now before you laugh, roll your eyes or judge, let me tell you that it’s a tradition my daughters and I have — just as perennial a tradition as baking butter tarts for Christmas or watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas on Christmas Eve — to say goodbye to all the Christmas lights and ornaments and get the tree to the curb exactly on January 1st. It’s kind … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Inspiration: Go Out and Find Some Joy! Work Can (and Should) Wait

Entrepreneur Inspiration: Go Out and Find Some Joy! | KOTAW Content Marketing

“You work from home? You’re so lucky!” As entrepreneurs, we tend to hear this a lot. Most 9-to-5ers envision entrepreneurial life as sleeping in past noon, then lounging around all day long munching on bon bons and daydreaming about some grand, unattainable goal we slyly call our 5 year plan. They think we’re a bunch of head-in-the-clouds hedonist slackers masquerading around as innovators. Of course, we know better. We know that … [Read more...]

Embrace the Unexpected: Success Beyond the To-Do List

Embrace the Unexpected: Entrepreneur Success Beyond the To-Do List | KOTAW Content Marketing

It was a night of unexpecteds. My daughters and I had planned on dropping off Ivy, our sweet red nose Pit Bull (and KOTAW’s Brand Ambassador!) at our neighbor Jose’s house (where she used to live, before she decided to live with my daughters and me instead!) so that she could spend the weekend with him and his son. We figured we’d drop her off, go out to dinner, then peruse the aisles of Target (and inevitably end up with a basket full of … [Read more...]