A Pit Bull Hatches the Grass! Are You Tending Your Brand So It Will Grow?

Tend Your Brand So It Will Grow | KOTAW Content Marketing

Once upon a time, Ivy’s lawn was green and lush. Then one by one, each blade disappeared, and Ivy was left with a yard full of dirt, because of something called a California drought. So every time a dog or person passed by on the sidewalk, Ivy would RAH-RAH-ROO and run back and forth the length of her gate, kicking up dirt and creating a dust storm. Ivy thought this was silly, but she ended up very dirty and my daughters Bri and Kelsey … [Read more...]

Flowers for Pit Bulls & Social Good: Does Your Brand Story Make the World a Better Place?

Blooms and Brand Storytelling for a Better World | KOTAW Content Marketing

The concept was simple: Take a picture of your pet wearing a flower crown and post it to Instagram to help raise money for rescue animals. But like most of life’s true joys, it’s the simple things that often have the most impact. Which is why when I heard “Pit Bull Flower Power” combined with “a picture of your pet wearing a flower crown,” I didn’t think of Ivy, my sweet red nose Pit Bull — and KOTAW Content Marketing’s Brand Ambassador! — … [Read more...]

Mirroring Pit Bulls and Reflecting Good: A Pit Bull Awareness Month Branding Challenge

Pit Bulls & Personal Branding | At KOTAW, it's our professional goal to brand you or your company as the most fascinating, exciting and intriguing in your field. And it's our personal goal to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet, sensitive and loving dogs they are. Being boss babes, the KOTAW Girl Gang has the luxury of combining our personal and professional passions. Which is why you'll often find tales of Pit Bulls woven into our lessons on personal branding.

Last night, on the way home from a walk to the park, my sweet Pit Bull, Ivy, was waiting patiently for the “Walk” sign to illuminate so we could cross the street, when she noticed something in the darkness about five feet away. Ivy looked a tad frightened, but mostly curious. I turned to see what Ivy was looking at and saw that she was staring at a tall reflective office building with her Pittie image reflected in it from a … [Read more...]

May is for Maybelline: Branding Kindness & Befriending Pits

May is For Maybelline: Branding Kindness and Befriending Pit Bulls | KOTAW Content Marketing

My daughters and I had just finished our Saturday brunch at our local Denny’s and said our goodbyes to the hostess, who told us on our way out that she waits all week to see us: “Your smiles and sweetness make me look forward to coming to work.” We were all aglow at her genuine compliment, hearts warmed that three minutes of conversation with us once a week made any kind of impact on her life. Before leaving the Denny’s shopping center, we … [Read more...]

A Letter to a Pit: Put Your Social Media to the Pen Pal Test!

Social media is about making genuine connections -- Does your social media strategy pass the pen pal test?

Ivy received her very first letter! This weekend, I made the couple minute trip from my home to my KOTAW Content Marketing mailbox and my mouth quickly formed a smile as I saw an oversized rectangular envelope addressed not only to me, but to my Brand Ambassador too! I desperately wanted to open it right then and there, but since it was addressed to my sweet red nose pit bull as well as to me, I knew it wouldn’t be fair to open it without … [Read more...]