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Branding through storytelling: writing + social media + design | KOTAW Content MarketingThe art of persuasion begins with a story.

That’s where we come in!

We’re here to tell your story and make the world fall in love with you, your project and your business.

We are passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs identify, embrace and tell their unique story — in a fun and sparkly way.

Here’s the gist:

  1. We write witty words.
  2. We host dazzling parties (social media is the ultimate cocktail party, you know?)
  3. We make pretty things.

In other words… 



KOTAW specializes in branding through storytelling for creative entrepreneurs and businesses.

Social media is the ultimate cocktail party and Holly Golightly is our muse. We’re social (media) butterflies who know just what it takes to throw a killer party. We go gaga over witty words and pretty — preferably pink! — things.


Blogs: Finding blogs a slog? We’ll write newspaper-quality posts for you that will build your authority and increase your online visibility. But, first, we’ll conduct an in-depth interview with you to make certain we understand your expertise, your audience and your natural speaking style. Katherine Kotaw began her career in newspapers after earning her master’s degree in journalism from the University of Michigan. She’s worked as a reporter and editor for Fortune 500 companies and will help turn your company into a top-tier publisher, too.

Story-Driven Web Copy (with smart semantic search and organic SEO, to boot!) Google loves engaging content. Happily, we do, too. We will fill your website’s pages with captivating content that your ideal audience and the search engines will adore.

Digital Brand Journalism: Journalism is not dead, but it’s no longer an institution that Clark Kent and Lois Lane would recognize. We’ll help increase your authority, traffic and rankings by getting you published in respected online publications. We will write and pitch articles in your name or ours. We will target publications in your niche as well as high-authority digital B2B and B2C publications.

More written storytelling services include:

· Query Letters
· Media Kits
· Newsletters
· Press Releases
· White Papers
· Taglines
· Brand Proposals and Pitches

We make branding magic for creative businesses | KOTAW Content Marketing

We give McMann and Tate a run for their money, crafting bewitching creative marketing campaigns sans Samantha’s save-the-day twitch-of-the-nose intervention. We make branding magic, not with the wave of a wand, but with ingenuity, dedication and KOTAWesome instincts. We do however, reserve the right to conjure up a bit of Mary Poppins charm and sprinkle it on everything we do.


Social Media Launch or Rebrand: Your presence on social media is mandatory — as essential now as a business card was 20 years ago. We will create new — or optimize existing — accounts across all social media platforms. We’ll also complete your social media profiles, including writing killer tag lines and dazzling company bios.

Social Media Management: Not every CEO has the time, temperament or know-how to successfully engage in social media. If that sounds like you, we’ll run a strategic social media campaign for you. We will manage your profiles across all social media platforms, actively post and share content, engage your followers and help turn your audience into brand ambassadors and paying customers.

Custom Social Media Strategy: We will develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy designed to meet the specific needs of your unique brand vision. This includes coaching you on the best practices in social media, including how to create a strong visual identity on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus.

We’re storytellers with spunk. We are writers with a playful attitude and a serious purpose. And we’ve never met a polkadot we didn’t like.

We’re storytellers with spunk. We are writers with a playful attitude and a serious purpose. And we’ve never met a polkadot we didn’t like.


Whether you’re just starting your business or looking for a revamp, we’ll help tell your brand story by creating a unique visual identity that captures the spirit of your brand. 

KOTAW’s brand design services deliver a comprehensive visual brand identity experience, including branding collateral for your website and blog, as well as coordinating print and social media material. 


Branding through storytelling for sweet business success | KOTAW Content MarketingThe most successful branding strategies are integrative and include a combination of written, social and visual storytelling.

Because we believe that every brand – every person – is unique, we create and execute content marketing strategies specifically for you and your company.

But to give you an idea of what we offer – and because we love cake! – we’ve created a tiered system of marketing and branding services. You can choose any tier, and we will help you build a custom strategy that suits your brand, your market and your budget.


You’re ready to commit to content marketing and social media branding, but you don’t know where to begin? We’ll set up — or optimize existing — social media accounts (up to 4 platforms). We’ll complete your social media profiles, including writing captivating tag lines for Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram, and completing written profiles on Facebook and Google Plus that showcase your brand story. And, to top it all off, we’ll also give your social media accounts some branded eye candy by designing custom banners and cover photos for your social platforms.


Haven’t the time (or let’s face it – the desire) to master the art of social media? We don’t blame you! After all, you’re busy building your empire. That’s where we come in. Let KOTAW manage your social media platforms. We offer hands-on, real-time social media management that cultivates meaningful relationships with your target audience. We begin by conducting comprehensive market research of influential industry leaders in your company’s niche. Then we charm the pants off of them! How? By establishing your brand’s social media as the go-to source for content that delights, informs and inspires. We’ll curate the best content which we will actively post and share. We’ll engage your audience and convert your followers into loyal ambassadors for your brand.

This package typically includes custom branded graphics designed to accompany social media posts, as well as writing copy for your website’s support pages.


We’ll help you bolster your online visibility, build your authority, and captivate your audience by writing the highest-quality blogs for your website. At KOTAW, we’re allergic to mediocrity. We don’t believe in churning out content for content’s sake. With a background in journalism, we write newspaper and magazine quality blogs that artfully convey your brand story and reflect the best you. And, if you’d like, we’ll post the blogs on your site for you and optimize them for SEO before hitting publish.

This package typically includes custom branded graphics to accompany blog posts, as well as Pinterest styling.


Do you covet a feature in your hometown newspaper, a quote in The Wall Street Journal or a cover story in a glossy magazine? Let KOTAW’s 20-year history of journalistic triumphs and more than 400 highly-placed media contacts help you earn the traditional and digital coverage you deserve. Or, if you desire paid or sponsored placements that read as if they were earned, let award-winning journalist, Katherine Kotaw, write it for you. The best publications hold all submissions to extremely high standards. With KOTAW’s help, you will meet — or exceed — all of them.

This package typically includes graphic design for web support pages and/or visual branding collateral such as business cards, hang tags, letterhead, resumes and graphics for social media campaigns.


If you want to have your cake and eat it too — full-level service that gets results without consuming much of your precious time — this package is for you.

We will custom design a content marketing, blogging and social media strategy for your unique brand and help you implement every necessary detail. This includes coaching you on the best practices in personal and corporate branding, as well as creating a strong visual identity for your business across all digital platforms including your website, blog, and social media. We will develop a comprehensive visual branding strategy that begins with a project inspiration board. We will then establish a custom brand style guide that includes details such as typography, color, graphic elements, and signature patterns. Implementation services include custom logo design, custom graphic design for website support pages, custom web/blog logo header, and complete social media styling.

Sounds sweet, right? Ready to dig in? Contact us now and let’s get started!


Strategy, Consulting and PR Services

· Business Branding Strategy:  $175 per hour
· Personal Branding Strategy:  $150 per hour
· Visual Branding Strategy:  $75 per hour  
· Phone Consultation:  $225 per hour
· Public Relations:  $1500 to $10,000 per month (3 month minimum)
· One-Time Media Placements:  $2500 to $30,000

Writing Services

· Website Copy:  $4 per word
· White Papers and Articles:  $2 to $4 per word
· Blogs:  $1 to $3 per word

Social Media Services

· Social Media Management:  Starting at $1500 per month (3 month minimum)
· Social Media Strategy:  $75 per hour

Design Services

· Graphic Design for Website Support Pages:  $100 each
· Branded Blog Post Graphics:  $100 each
· PDF Design:  $300+ per page
· Ebook:  $300+ per page
· Magazine/Catalogue:  $300+ per page
· Facebook Page Design:  $150
· Twitter Page Design:  $125
· Branded Social Media Post Graphics:  $100 each
· Business Cards:  $300
· Stationery:  $150  
· Postcards:  $225
· Menu of Services:  $300
· Flyers:  $150
· Hangtag:  $200
· Sticker Design:  $125

We also offer 4 design-only packages:


The logo package includes:

· Brand Moodboard
· Color Palette
· 4 Original Logo Concepts (Up to 3 Rounds of Revisions to Finalization)
· Logo Variation + Submark
· Font Recommendations
· Brand Style Guide: A complete guide to your brand including final primary logo, submark, logo variation, and color palette, as well as signature patterns and/or additional design elements if applicable.


This package builds upon the logo package by taking your brand elements and adding them to coordinating print brand collateral. Starting package price includes 3 collateral items of client’s choice. Additional collateral items are available for $100 each.

Print Brand Collateral Items:

· Business Cards
· Letterhead
· Menu of Services
· Postcards
· Notecards
· Flyers
· Return Address Stamp Design for Envelopes
· Sticker Design
· Hangtag


This package builds upon the logo package by taking your brand elements and adding them to coordinating social media collateral. Starting package price includes 3 collateral items of your choice. Additional social media collateral items are available for $100 each.

Social Media Collateral Items:

· Facebook Page Design (Page Cover, Graphic Profile Picture and 3 Buttons)
· Twitter Page Design (Banner and Graphic Profile Picture)
· Custom Branded Social Media Post Graphic for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google Plus


This package builds upon the basics by taking your brand elements and adding them to coordinating print pieces and social media graphics. Starting package price includes 3 print collateral items and 3 social media collateral items of client’s choice. Additional collateral items are available for $100 each.

Have questions? We’ve got answers! Contact us and let’s chat.